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The Siren’s Curse:

Passed through a kiss, the curse will entirely wipe the mind of the victim’s past life and sentence them to a lifetime in the ocean, no aging, no responsibilities, but also not allowed to escape— unless the curse is passed onto another victim. The curse stops at no one, both men and woman can be sirens. Then, you are able to return to humanity and start a new life with no recollection of your past one.

What happens when the curse goes wrong and some character is lured by a desperate siren, only for the both of them to walk away, as humans, from the scene unharmed? This is foiled after a few weeks, when the victim slowly begins losing their memories, revealing scales on their leg once they’re in the water, and experiencing migraines if they are out of the water for too long.

What course of action will the characters take to prevent this from happening?

((This is based off of a webtoon I started reading a while back, called Siren’s Lament. I never finished the series but I definitely recommend it to y’all!))


First of all, thanks for reading so far! I’m looking to make this a slow burn romance with me playing as the F. I don’t mind playing either the ex-siren or the victim.
I’m down for mostly anything, but the only thing I don’t do is write any sort of smut or such, and at most, fade to black. I was thinking of making this during a modern time period, but that can be debatable.
I need a literate partner that can write multi-paragraph responses, and under no circumstance will I accept one-liners. For me, it entirely ruins the mood and doesn’t give me enough to work with. I’m looking for someone who can respond at least once every few days, but ideally, once a day would be awesome. Thanks again for reading and have a great day!

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

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I'm not familiar with the webtoon, but this RP does sound promising. I do want to talk more about planning this out here or in PM's if that's okay. Thanks.
Still really want to do a roleplay with this one!

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