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I understand in a 1-on-1 rp both people go back and forth. With long paragraphs, I've been in many roleplays where the average time between posts is 12-24 hours. And those tend to fall apart fairly frequently.

Considering how likely it is for at least one person to drop in a group of 3-6 people, and how round-robin for posting would be a headache to keep track of, AND trying to schedule a single day/time like DnD night with the boys for people to type would be a slow crawl, I don't quite know how this all would work for larger groups.

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It doesn't seem like it would I suppose, but it does regardless! I personally have 1x1 rps that have been going for a year and only get posts once a week sometimes even longer and they're going great! Most of my RP's that only get a reply once a week are doing just as well as the ones that get once a day replies or several replies a day. My longest running RP is a year and a half, and only gets replies every other day to once a week.

It's also common on RPR specifically for group RP's to have a specific post order, everyone posts when they can - once a day is the goal, but often times it stretches to several days in between or even a week, and those group RP's are going strong as well from what I can tell.

What's important is that everyone or at least the majority of the players/writers are genuinely interested in the RP, the story, their characters, and communication. As long as you have those things, enjoyment and OOC communication, the RP should be fine regardless of if everyone posts once a day or once a week.

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