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Sephtis Leos (played anonymously)

Life in this town was… boring to say the least. True there was the idiotic Vampire territory feud but that was just so… mundane. True, he participated in it to a limit but, only because he was a considerably powerful Vampire and it was… part of his role per se. If he had any say all the high-rank Vampire would be dead and he’d rule over everything and one. Then maybe, just maybe he’d be entertained. But probably not.

Sighing heavily, he pulled his hair back into a simple ponytail with a white band. As he stood in front of a full-length mirror he nodded as he glanced over his black suit. Turning he headed out of his main study, down the long corridors and out of the mansion that was hidden deep within the forest. Right now he was headed out to patrol the town. Apparently, there were quite a few newcomers in town who needed to be… shown the ropes.

A smirk touched his lips, eye lightening with sadistic happiness. His bi-colored eyes glowed and a completely human glamour fell over him. Cracking his knuckles, he vanished from the front steps of the mansion and appeared in the middle of the road in the town. Time to go hunting...

For about an hour the heterochromia found himself prowling the streets like a starving animal. Not for food but for fun. He'd had his fill of human blood a few nights ago, being as strong as he was blood was not needed too often, unless he used his power. His glowing eyes raked the quiet streets, boredom etched within them. What an utter waste of his time. So far no one had come across his path, least no one who put up a good fight... Or any in some cases. Oh, how he loathed those who bowed to him straight away. Where was the fun in that?!

Sighing, Septhis ran a hand through his silky hair and strode down the streets, deciding to patrol one last tie before calling it a night. Moving along with almost silent steps, the Vampire took in how run down the area was. A pity this was the result of the growing feud. Cane clicking on the pavement, his mismatched eyes suddenly darted to a small figure walking along the opposite side of the street. A cool smirk touched his masked lips and he took a quick glance around, just to make sure they were alone.

Once satisfied, Sephtis was a blur and then appeared just a few feet in front of the hunched figure. "Well, well, what do we have here? A little prey for a bored predator?" he drawled his deviousness clear tone. Moving forward swiftly elegance in his every step, the Vampire's gloved hand darted out and took hold of the chin of the figure whose head was bowed, lifting it. As Death's Eye's took in the appearance of his prey, he hummed. "Aren't you an interesting specimen," he practically purred, fingers holding the chin.

Then, without hesitation he pulled the creature close and bit their neck, sucking the blood and life from them. As the body went limp, Septhis pulled back and let the body fall to the ground, lifelessly. The creature had been a rogue weakened demon, and the vampire simply couldn't help taking its life when it dared cross into his territory.

(Feel free to Rp jump in as whatever you want, though nothing crazy over-powered, please. Another creatures leader is fine, but they can't be invincible.)


No God-modding. If you take control of my character I'll ask you to stop, and if you continue then I will ask you to leave the rp.
No killing or severely harming any character's without talking to the character's RPer about it first.
Also, a big one is no laying claims romantically on my character or anyone else's. Over time as our character's get to know one another then the character's rper can decide who their character ends up with!

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Hey :3 is this story still open?
Sephtis Leos (played anonymously)

Yes, it is still open~
Uhh~ then may I have the honor?
But since I have no clue yet, how this really works, do we rp in private or here?
And you probably wanta charcter sheet first, right?
I'm sorry, I just arrived here yesterday ^^`.

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