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disclaimer: i want to make it very clear that i'm not looking for people to feel sorry for me, and that the following is not targeted toward anybody that i currently have or have had any roleplay with

for the past few months, most of my roleplays have been put on pause; due to my partners being busy with real life stuff and what not, which is natural. i've started planning new roleplays but it seems that people just sort of fall out. it doesn't matter if i'm the one approaching them or if it's vice versa; no matter if they seem interested or not, no matter how far we've come in terms of discussing a possible roleplay

it's happened multiple times in a short amount of time - if it had only happened once or twice i wouldn't really question it - so now i'm really starting to doubt that the people who plan a roleplay with me start to regret that decision and then turn me down for whatever reason. it makes me feel very insecure and i'm not sure what to do about it, so i really hope that there's somebody who possibily has an idea to what i can do to get rid of the feeling or if it's entirely my fault
Honestly I had a bout like this recently....a lot of my rps stalled out and some I get a strong feeling wont return, while others post rates have simply plummeted quite a bit.

Honestly I cant speak for your transactions with others but I have the feeling its nothing your outright doing, humans are busy little creatures and we often overextend ourselves, we forget things and sometimes lose interest in something we had a great desire for only days or weeks ago, like rp as a whole even. I have known people who just take a break for extended periods of time too.

It's also August, in my homelands this is the last month of summer before school gets back in and I'd guess the last bits of vacationing and preparation for high school or college (or others) are probably in full swing, perhaps it's a contributing factor to this?

I'd love to say I have the answers, but I really don't....I can only say it happens to me sometimes and as tough as it is to apply I think the best thing we can do is move forward. Some of my partners will come back, and some won't. But it's okay! Because there is always someone new here on rpr I can meet to rp with! Or other places if you rp somewhere else even.

One of the reasons why I joined this website is because my old RP partners seemed to have fallen off of the face of the earth. I have one who replies to me... Maybe once a day? But these are people whom I've had active roleplays with since 2011-2012. It's kind of disappointing when I have so much time developing a character with another person and then all of that goes to nothing. I mean, I guess it is natural for these things to fade away, but why is it all happening at once? Maybe a coincidence. *shrug*
I think it's a good idea to consider how many people you're talking to all at once and bring out the average for how many are dropped and how many are not. Roleplays have a higher tendency to be dropped than continued in most respects, so if you're messaging 5 people in a month and 3 of them disappear rather quickly, that's about normal.

It's also safe to consider that it is the summer time, which means that there's more people going and getting themselves distracted with LOTs on their plates, plus it's now august and in some countries like the US back to school is right around the corner, and for other countries it's now less than a solid month away before college and high school starts back up again. Things get busy around this time of year for quite a lot of people, so it's best not to take these things personally. YOu'll find good roleplay partners!~ And who knows, the people who are disappearing might manage to come back and swing back in to focus with you later. :)
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i think that i agree partly; it’s most likely also the time of the year, with people going on vacation or holiday, going back to school or their jobs, etc. i understand that we’re all more busy sometimes than others and there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s not exactly difficult to put too much on your plate

my concern was more tilted toward whether it’s my fault because more and more of my partners seem to disappear or the like, and it’s more than usual; not just once in a while where you would consider that normal. i’m sorry if i wasn’t being clear enough about it in the first post but i meant to say that it’s weird because it seems like it’s a lot of people who do that, at the same time; nothing of the regular

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