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Girl characters (played anonymously)

Hello and welcome to Hawthorn school of magic and wonders! This is a school of secret, so make sure if you are requested to join you tell no one...
People think that things such as magic and abilitys do not exist, that they are dreams and ideas to give to kids to make them believe in something beyond themselves. In secret, there is a school hidden away from the human world. A place where kids with unnatural abilitys or species can go and feel accepted. To learn how to use their ability's, to be ready for the real world. Many diferent species are here, many different creatures and people with powers. We have everything that ranges from vampires, all the way to elemintal abilitys. Hawthorn also has classes to help specialize in specific abilitys, or just brawling classes for those who think they have the best powers. Hawthorn is the best school to exploit every supernatural need! Come and join today!

Hello! thanks for reading my plot idea!
i will be using my girl in page number 2 Aurora Kinsley!
there are plenty of spots avaible if you want to play more than 1 oc feel free and go right ahead. I would love to be able to have the same ammount of boys and girls ranging from 17-20 years old they can not be over powered and can only have 1-2 abilitys and 1-2 supernatural creautures. for example if you have a human girl she can only have 1-2 supernatural abilitys but you can have a demon and angel mix with 1-2 powers. feel free to message me if interested!

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