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I was not sure where else to put this.

Looking to trade a book of blank pages for a couple of different things. Only thing is, the equal cross over may not be there :( but I only have the book and nothing else to offer. So, please keep that in mind if you choose to do this trade. I cannot offer any sort of make-up payment or "buying something else" to make up for the equal trade, if that makes sense.

That being said, I am looking to trade this for either:

2 oil of epicness - (preferred)
1 oil of epicness & 1 enchanted silk cloak
2 enchanted silk cloak.

Now..a book of blank pages is currently $7.50

Just one oil of epicness is 4.95, so x2 is 9.90
One enchanted silk cloak is 3.75 x2 is 7.50, which is equal.
a silk cloak and an oil is 8.70

So, while yes, I would like 2 oils, I'm aware that it's not fair, and I am willing to accept 2 cloaks instead. I am NOT looking to trade just one of these for the book. It's only one of the 3 choices listed already.

Be advised, I am NOT looking to sell these/trade these for real life money. Nor am I seeking any other items, so, please - d not offer them!

Please please please please please, do not respond to this thread if you are interested in a trade. DM me only! Thank you!

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