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(i got inspired by Dunedain-Ranger with his forum A ranger's Soundtrack be sure to check it out as well!)

Today I listend to:

harry potter 1st movie soundtrack- After watching the first Harry Potter movie I decided to play some Hearthstone and to listen to the soundtrak, I liked it alot!

Adele's laughing song After Hearthstone and Harry Potter I decided to listen to some opera music. So why not 'die Fledermaus'?! This song amuses me always even with the audio only. Not to forget Judith Blegen singing the part of Adele.

Bonjour Paris Then I listend to 'Bonjour Paris'its from the movie funny face. Its my favourite song from the movie. Singing: Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire and Kay Thompson

Maybe more music will follow and maybe this will be the only post

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