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This Looking For RP topic is marked as closed, meaning it is no longer seeking new players.

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|| Victoria Aeternum! ||

Queen Victoria's era of reign was a period of great growth for Britain. The country acquired unprecedented power, transformed as it was by the Industrial Revolution, the expansion of travel, and progress of scientific thought. It was also a time awash with a fascination for fantasy. Respected galleries featured "fairy art", while readers of all ages sought supernatural romances and mysteries, as authors and artists alike were compelled by themes of occultism. Fantasy provided the people with a means of escaping their world. But more importantly, it allowed them to address changes and troubles through myths and metaphors, equipping them with subtler senses by which to face the challenges of reality.

In a way, we roleplayers continue to carry their torch.

|| How to Use the Group ||

As a Continuity
While VA is not a strict setting (yet), it encourages independent groups to feature their continuities.

As a Framework
VA provides fuel for writing in the Victorian Era. The information there is not monopolized and may be borrowed, altered, and added onto for private scenes.

As a Network
Joining VA does not mean you must participate in the forums. While all members are welcome to advertise, they may also simply peruse the member list for potential PM partners!

|| Is VA a Setting? ||

In short? No.
The long answer is, it may result in one down the line. For now, while my time is limited and interest is being gauged, the only objective is to provide people a hub for their Victorian-esque characters. It is my hope that this will inspire others to craft continuities of their own!

Please note, while characters of all ages are welcome, our user age rating is 16+ due to potential sensitive subjects such as drug use and swearing.

|| The Mission ||

This group was designed to serve as a compendium- or directory- for a general genre. The Victorian Era has been a base for many categories of plot, such as Steampunk or Gaslamp. While leaning more towards the historical theme, Victoria Aeternum ultimately strives to provide a plot-nurturing, story-supporting place for folks to interact with characters that fit into these settings. Additionally, it does some of the dirty work by studying and summarizing speculations on the era. Members may utilize as much or as little historical accuracy as they please.

The ultimate aim is to inspire.

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