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Kuro (played by dantefrancis)

Captain...Captain...CAPTAIN!Kuro jumped up in the bar he was in and quickly found out that he got drunk in a bar...again."What is it now?"He said before releasing a yawn.He was extremely tired,but he couldn't sleep with the pounding headache from the current hangover."Slave ships are departing from the port.",said one of his crew members.This didn't concern Kuro,due to the fact he wanted a bed to sleep on,before doing everything else.Don't say yes,Don't say yes,For the Love of God!DON'T SAY YE-"Fine,but I'm going to sleep and not waking up until late afternoon.DAMN IT!Captain,knowing you,you would will wake up earlyKnowing you Captain,you would still wake up early

After a while,Kuro got on his ship which he
nicknamedThe Morrigan."Alright lads full canvas,We going to to capture a slave ship."

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