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Hello! Okay, so. When I very first got on this site, I started a group by complete accident. I pressed ‘launch chat’ without even really understanding that it meant that anyone could join. But oh my lord did that group blow up! It was so fun and so amazing that I really would like to do it again! Of course, because of me being new and not knowing what all this site was capable of, I didn’t really enforce the rules as much as I should have and the chat was deleted. So, to prevent that, I’d like for you to read these rules, then PM me if you’d like to join this group. These rules are here for a reason, so please read them.

Apocalypse RP Rules

1.) This is a GROUP roleplay. Don’t use harsh language like the F-bomb. Replace them with something more friendly.

2.) Do NOT control others characters, force other characters, or ‘God-mode’ or whatever you call it. Which means, No rape, No forced fights.
For example: Luke would punch his opponent’s chest, despite it being covered with armor, it would break through and impale him despite not having any enhancement, or claw on him.

3.) Don’t meta game. Meta gaming is when a player applies out of character retrieved information to their in-character, such as having information that only several in-character players know, and you obtained it without having your character there, or by just hearing it from others out of character.

4.) No Mary-sues. This is when a character is too perfect. Everyone has flaws. For example, my character, Jordyn, has ADHD. A mental disability that can and will get in her way sometimes.

5.) Characters CAN die! If you’re planning on leaving this group or you plan on putting a different character in, you can let your character die. But put detail in it. Don’t just put flat out, “Maridith slumps to the ground, her last breath escaping her lips in one last and unsuccessful attempt at life.” Give reason.. Give detail.

6.) Don’t mix IC with OOC in this. I can make a group PM with all the members of the group, but just so it won’t get confusing.

7.) Lastly, HAVE FUN! Let your creativity flow.


Roleplaying is about creativity and while these rules are not just needed they can at times during very deep and important roleplay points be a bit constricting. That being said, like many things in life the rules of roleplay are not the be-all and end-all. It takes skill and knowledge to know when one can bend one of the above rules to affect a role-play in a positive manner, this is usually done in small groups where the people involved know what they are getting into and are okay with it. This takes a long time to understand and should only be attempted by advanced role-players.

Always keep in mind that the purpose of roleplaying online is to have fun - for everyone, not just yourself.


Phew. Now that that’s over, we can discuss plots! I was thinking., Normal, walking dead style zombies, which was the same as my original group roleplay, but I don’t know.. This is a very open, welcoming roleplay, so please, pm me with ideas and we can discuss it, etc. I’ll open this if I get enough people, so yeah! Have a good day/night!! <3
Aaron Pyrosian (played by Arcol)

((I’m interested in being the first to apply; sign me up.))

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