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any Trekkies out there who are learning Klingon via duolingo? I am! Just trying to find people I can test my Klingon skills with.

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I've researched a little Klingon. I GM a trek story. I should really search RPR for writers. It's off site so I don't bother people too much. But it's a fun group! Are you excited about the arrival of the Picard series?
I am not fluent, only a little- but a huge trekkie. So if you ever wish to play something out, I'm willing!
Im a Trekkie but don't speak Klingon.
I love star trek but also dont speak Klingon. As for interest check I'd be willing to run something trek related but using original characters and ideas within the trek universe. I'm not a big fanfiction writer myself.

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