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howdy! in search of recent direction in my life, i've taken a profound interest in the realms of paganism and such - tarot reading in particular is a fascination of mine, and i've love to take a hit at it for others. i'd like to offer readings starting from $1 and up, depending on what you want to pay. the basic fee will get you a 3 card spread and one question, more will get you more complex spreads like spiritual guidance, the celtic cross, etc.

basically the fee just exists so i don't get overwhelmed with people who want free readings about anything and everything. :p if it doesn't mean anything to you, how will i be able to make any meaning of it?

anyways! these'll be done privately in DM or discord if you want a live reading. i'm hoping to get started as soon as my new deck comes in - my old one was beat up beyond use. if you're interested, just drop in and let me know. i'll get an actual thread set up at some point.

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