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I was experimenting with a 'Test Character' guestbook settings to see if the 'Everyone' option worked in allowing non-registered people to be able to leave a comment. I copied the character URL, then logged out, then pasted the url in my browser to see what happens. You first get a firewall screen saying there are content warnings in the character profile (I had ticked all three for the test character). Then after agreeing you can view the character pages. The Guestbook is set to 'Everyone' which should allow everyone to make an entry. I wrote a test comment to see if it woud work, and after my test comment was entered, this screen appears:


It is a bit confusing as:
A. there are a lot more than two words there.
B. There is no place to type.
C. The white field where the 'droid' text appears seems to be an active link, but it doesn't do anything.

I suspect there should be a Captcha or something more here? Am I missing something here or is this feature not working? I do use a few of my character pages I have here on RPR on another RP site and it would be nice to be able to activate this for them.

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Should I post this on the Phoenix board? I was just curious about it is all.
Kim Site Admin

This appears to be a bug. You should submit a bug report.
Kim wrote:
This appears to be a bug. You should submit a bug report.
Doh! Of course! I think I was going to but it was late and I then forgot. Done. Thanks Kim!

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