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1.) CV - Comic-Realistic
2.) Open
3.) Open

  • Images will be 1000x1000 or smaller.
  • PayPal ONLY, you must pay before the image is finished. I will update you on it's progress, sketches will be given freely and prior to payment. I often will do a couple poses just for myself as well as you to choose from.
  • YES - I will do awkward angles, anthros, humanoids.
  • NO - Pornographic images.
  • YES - Monochromatic
  • NO - Intense Backgrounds, simple ones only.

Information I need from you:
Character References: Website, images, reference images (I.E.: Picture of the person, thing, color, clothing type, facial expression.)
Hair/Skin/Fur Color and/or Length: info
Clothing Type: info
Expression: info
Personality: info
Background Idea or Color: info
Type: Flat Shaded, Speed Paint, Semi-Realism, or Realistic

How fast am I?
  • I can typically do a Flat shade/speed paint within a day. Semi-Realistic may take about a week, and Realistic may take about 2-3 weeks depending on character difficulty.

Extra $$
  • If you insist, Complicated background will tack on $10-20
  • ComplicatedTattoos or Jewelry: $10-20 depending on how many and how technical.

Flat Shaded $10

gl-1427352-1568569010.png (Older)

SpeedPaint Realistic $15


Semi Realism $20

gl-1427352-1568568660.png (Older)


gl-1427352-1568568683.png (Older)

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