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Pen (played by Pen_Tsunami)

It's a lovely and peaceful afternoon like always in the market. The sun gleams so beautifully shining on all the flags that mark the different shops you can visit, but you don't find any of the shops interesting at the moment. The potted flowers that surround the cobblestone sidewalk and some stores glimmered in the sunlight. You probably have errands to do, or you're probably just getting yesterday's shopping confused for today's stroll through the market.

Then suddenly you hear pitter-pattering of shoes clattering through the stone sidewalk. When you turned your head you see a small child wearing a cute puffy and lacy dress that matches her hair color, but with a few added colours. You see her eyeing a bunch of toys, mostly dolls and plushies of sorts, and you expect her mother or father to walk up next to her.
but no one came beside the little girl's side.

It's strange to see such a young tiny girl by herself, especially one with a small, smooth coin pouch, an easy target for robbers. Usually, a parent accompanies there child to the toy store, unless if she stole those coins, but by the way she was carefully adding them up she probably earned them. Either way, it's still dangerous for a child to be out this late without an adult.

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