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Sollus (played by SingingScientist)

Machines whirred, monitoring devices let out subtle beeps, and air vents hissed quietly. Heads swimming, the Pathfinder team from the SS Corvus awoke from their three-hundred year suspension in cryogenic stasis. As their eyes adjusted to the dim lights and pale white walls around them, the light of any monitor causing jittery lights to dance before them, a tall, thin figure stalked into the med-bay, shrugging off the grasping hands of a far smaller shape.

“Unacceptable!” The tall figure shouted, turning to jab a finger down at the shorter one, their voice thin and reedy, although clearly male. “Familiar faces important, yes, have family for that! My patients, must learn to trust early on.”

Without waiting for further protest from the smaller figure, the tall man turned his back on them and marched down the line of beds, stopping at the furthest one. The Pathfinder leader, who had been woken first, and was the uncle of two team members, father to the other three. His wife was still in stasis as a regular colonist. Although the tall man’s voice was high and reedy, when he went through the necessary checks and questions with the Pathfinder leader, his speech quickened, rendering it impossible for those even closest to pick up what was said in their bleary-eyed and confused state.

One by one the tall man went down the line of beds, checking each of the team, until he reached the med bed closest to the doors. Blinking to clear the dancing spots from their eyes, he/she looked up, shocked. Before them stood not some six-foot gangly human male, but one of the Voss. Pallid, his scaly skin showed faint signs of once being green, with the slightest flush of red to the fleshy underside of his throat, the male Voss reminded him/her of a shell-less bipedal snapping turtle, albeit a thin and malnourished one.

“Greetings. Doctor Sollus, shall be treating fellow crew and yourself from here on. Must have questions, questions must wait. Exhaustion, hunger and confusion all normal. Disorientation caused by light levels also normal. Examination beginning,” the Voss spoke with barely a breath between sentences, compensating by taking a deep breath afterward, his internal white eyelids slipping across the glistening black domes of his eyes. “First memory tests. Ship’s name? Relative on board’s name? Pathfinder name? Your name?”

Some info - this is currently taking place on Ophus Station 1, the space station in orbit around the planet of Ophus 9. It is the first colony-station, and is where the colonists will live until space has been found to start the settlement below. Your character is part of the human colonisation team, ideally human and related - either the nephew/niece or son/daughter of the Pathfinder. Said Pathfinder and his family are yours to control as you see fit. Sollus is the only alien on board currently, and is allied with the humans on the ground that should the swamp be found viable for the Voss, the two species will co-inhabit the planet together. Any questions, feel free to ask in (( brackets)).

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