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Corninth gardener (played anonymously)

I’m going to be up front, this rp is going to have a few elements from D&D mixed into it. Mainly dice roll mechanics.Characters abilities will largely be limited by their race. I have three pre-made races specifically designed to fit this world. I have never DM’d before, so this campaign will be more story reliant then combat. Now while I will be borrowing D&D mechanics, this will not fully abide by the rules of the game. This is because I do not have the proper books with the information to play in that style.
If your looking for a campaign that conforms to those guidelines, I ask politely that you look elsewhere.

The setting is a world I myself have crafted known as Elios. At the time of the story it is the equivalent of the late Victorian/early Edwardian period.

With my awkward rambling introduction out of the way, I present the lore of the world so far.

The human race was once one in Elios, and while often times fighting amongst themselves. Generally all was well. That is, about until 200 years ago when a star fell from the sky. This great Star was actually a massive cluster of crystals. Cleaner than even the best diamonds, that radiated a pure energy and gave off a dim aura of white light. which struck Elios and implanted itself into the ground. This energy, it seeped into the soil of Elios. Into the streams and rivers, even into the air.

Soon enough, oddities began to spring up in children here and there after the occurrence of this event. These oddities continued to spread into the population over the coming years until humanity found itself divided into three distinct people’s.

Humans:Firstly, there are the ‘Pure’ humans, who remained as they were. The coming of the star became of great importance to them. For after the arrival of the star more of these crystals began to grow naturally under the soil of Elios, making the mining of this material an industry. Eventually they learned to harness this energy and regularly place these crystals in jewelry and weponry. Also using it to power machines, as a result. Mining became the economic foundation of humanity. As such, most major human cities are built around large quantities of it. The largest being around the original crash site. They usually make up the upper ranks of society such as, scholars, and noblemen, though some are miners and factory workers.

Humans and magic: Humanity is unique in that it is the only race that draws magic straight from the crystals themselves. At the age of 15 humans are given their first gem as that is when society deems them mature enough to have one. However, since the individual piece of gem is usually small. It contains only a finite amount of energy for magic, thus a replacement is needed often, and it does not come cheep. Be carful you don’t run out in the heat of battle. Conserve your energy at all costs.

Faun: The Faun are a curious bunch, referenced to by humans as one of the “cursed” races. These are humans born with animal like features, ie ears, tails, eyes, hooves, and fangs. This people began to pop up not long after the arrival of the star. It is Theorized that they were born as a result of a human mother that drank from a stream or well infected by the gem that had previously been bathed in by one animal or another. As such, they are naturally imbued with magic from birth and are much better able to handle it as compared to humans.

As such, faun are more likely to be located in the countryside as farmers, or bakers. Settlements tending to be on the smaller side and rarely, if at all, contain any major industry as they have heightened senses of smell and hearing which makes both factory work and mining quite irritating and can cause those not accustomed to it to act irrationally. As such they are more environmentally aware.
Despite this, some do choose to live in human cities. These ones, while like their countryside cousins, are distinct in the fact that they have a less sunny deposition on life. More commonly having black or grey hair as opposed to the reds and golds of those in the countryside. Usually working as manual laborers along side lower class humans. Jobs such as chimney sweep, lamp lighter, or bartender are common. Though some do work as in house servants to higher class human families.
It must be noted though, that for a short period of history faun were almost ritualistically captured and turned into slaves by humans for a period of about 50 years. Subsequently being shown off as trophies, so this type of work is usually frowned on by Faun society as a whole. (More info on this will be provided if asked)

Faun and magic: The faun are imbued with magic from birth, meaning that unlike humans they can draw magic from within themselves. Meaning that have a larger pool of energy to draw from. However, this can cause fatigue and in extreme cases death. The amount of magic used is directly proportional to the amount of energy drained from the body and can only be replenished through some significant rest. As a result, the use of too much magic can cause death if used recklessly. So buy plenty of healing herbs if you want to play this race.

Jotun: The Jotun are by far the most interesting people in Elios. Their origins can be traced back to the miners whom first discovered the gem growing naturally underground. When some of them decided it was a good idea to touch this strange glowing material. As such, they became the first beings to come into direct contact with energy in its purest form. Connecting them better to the natural flow of energy in Elios, this however did come with certain...complications. While not as drastic as the Faun, the direct contact came with several physical changes.

To start, Jotun are by far the tallest race. Standing at a staggering 7-8 feet. Their skin is usually either a pale white or purple, their eyes are usually shades of red or purple(though sometimes green or yellow eyed Jotun are born). With their hair having not all that much variety as it ranges from titanium blonde to stark white. Jotun are usually the mine workers in society, sometimes working in factories (More on this in the magic section). Building their cities in mountains and other isolated areas as the result of their unique abilities.

Jotun and magic: The Jotun are...tragic to say the very least. For having the most direct connection to the magic of Elios, it comes with a price. Jotun draw their energy from the land around them and thus have the ability to perform great feats of magic. However, this ability comes with the cost of draining the energy from the surrounding life forms within the immediate area. This effect is particularly detrimental to Faun, as it draws from their energy as well and can kill them if not properly controlled. Being in the mere presence of a Jotun can severely fatigue them and the local plant and animal life as a result. Otherwise this does not affect nearby humans.

As a response to this, those Jotun that choose to live in more populated areas are required to take a standard medicine that dampens this ability. As any city Faun that spends significant time with a Jotun will attest that they only feel slightly tired while being around them. All as a result of this medicine. Because of this dampening effect, they have largely learned to rely on strength as their prime weapon.

This campaign will primarily be voice and will be conducted through Discord. However dice rolls will be done through Rpr. Anyone is welcome to join, I’d advise the use of character sheets but they aren’t mandatory. We will be using the standard d20 for rolls. Everyone starts at 10 HP as I am making this all up from scratch and have no idea what I’m doing.

Session 0 in which you are allowed to familiarize yourself with the rest of your party will be conducted on October 1st beginning around 1pm (Pacific standard time) and ending at 4pm. Any question on race or available classes I will address Via Pm on here or on my Discord, as well as any questions about potential characters or the world.We will also roll for stats using a d10. We will be creating characters with the rest of the group as well. Finally we will discuss party composition.

(This is my discord pin.


I will be updating this post later with information regarding classes. So please watch out for that, I’m making this up as I go. So if the character stats end up a bit funky you know why.

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