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You live in a city that seems prosperous and normal with the only strange thing being that no one can leave and the government provides all the air... supposedly the world had ended long ago and the government has provided air the is safe to breathe for an u known location... one day you wake up to find the city in ruins the only thing still standing or doesn’t look like it’s about to tumble or fall apart is the giant concrete walls surrounding the city and the giant bubble that keeps out the outside air and keeps in the government provided air in that lies just a mile or two beyond the city walls... you find that almost everyone else has gone insane and has started murdering everyone even some of the city guards have lost it you soon find out through the city announcement speakers for the final time that the air tunnel was compromised and even though it was fixed some gas still leaked in causing complete insanity...
*Matt would walk out of the ruins of a supermarket with a backpack full of supplies mark and Mike would follow suit all of them having their weapons drawn as the slowly crept away from the building under the presumed cover of darkness) Matt: “Alright boys we got ourselves a good haul today let’s find a plate to sleep tonight and eat..” Mark: “Well that is if mike doesn’t eat all of the food..” Mike: “Hey you guys took like my last three MREs I think I deserved to polish of what we had in return...” Matt:”Enough you two let’s get moving..” *they walked forward their weapons still drawn looking for any of the “mad ones”*

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