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"Ulrich get back to the tower now, you were not permitted to...[static]... As your...[static]... Ulrich? Ul...[Static]!" Commander Zavala tried to tell me, but the storm on earth and how far away I was, made the message hard to understand. I was out in the Reef, going to find Aurora, but now I was stuck in the Reef, my ship stuck in one of the old hulls that the ones that are now Awoken tried to leave away from the Traveler when the Golden Age ended.

I turned on the radio to send a message to all the Guardians that are close to my location "If any guardians are out here in the Reef, I am in sector 82 stuck in broken hull in the ship, I have been stranded for approximately 2 hours now. If you are getting this, I need your help." I sent the transmission hoping for someone to get my message. "Ulrich, I suggest you rest, it could take a couple of hours before anyone finds us." My ghost, Yumi, said to me as I was still sitting in the seat. "You're right, why don't you take watch if you don't mind." I said as I went to the small bed that was set up on my ship. Yumi nodded or whatever she was doing to sign that she agreed.
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

It was a bit after one of his weekly visits to the Spider that he received this transmission; a Guardian stuck in the hull of an old vessel, somewhere in Sector 82. “Here we go again,” Pyre-5’s Ghost, Sirius, sighed, “getting another Guardian out of trouble seems to be our theme lately. Well, better get to it before...well...they can’t die, so...”

The Exo-phage only nodded, Radiolaria flowing thorough his Vex implants ‘gifted’ to him by Thyrkeon, Conscious Made Infinite, a few years prior. He transmitted to his ship, heading to the coordinates given by the stranded Guardian. He secretly wondered wether Zavala knew about this, and what that ‘stick in the mud,’ according to Eric, would say if he did.
Yumi nudged Ulrich's head as he slept, having seen the ship getting close to them. "Ulrich, get up, someone is here!" She said loudly to get him up. He groggily woke up, his hair in a mess and his helm on the floor. He rubbed his eyes, having slept for what felt like 3 hours "Yumi, keep watch in here, I will be outside." He said as he put his helm on, grabbing a flair.

He got out of his ship, climbing onto the top of his ship, and shot the flair, which is designed to stay up in the air for an hour to help find lost ships.
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)

With his enhanced vision, he could see the flare from a distance. Steering his ship towards the light, he maneuvered across the hazardous graveyard of the Reef until he was in the vicinity of the stranded Guardian.

“I just hope this one’s more...accepting to me than the others,” the Exo thought to himself, “no matter; time to answer the call, I suppose.”

“Guardian ship 765,” Sirius called out from their own vessel, “this is Guardian ship 715, here to answer your request for aid. Please acknowledge.”
Pyre-5 (played by Arcol)


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