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Forums » Smalltalk » Are you my 'birthday buddy'? (February 17th)

Hai! I've always been super curious about the people born on the same day as me, even if it's many years apart. I am such an Aquarius that it isn't even remotely funny, I try to deny it sometimes but that's a very Aquarius thing to do isn't it?

I'd love to know who my birthday buddies are on RPR, meaning - people who have the same birth date as me!

Only 4/5 more months until my/our birthdays! How exciting!

So if your birthday is also February 17th, and you're comfortable sharing, shout it from the RPR roof tops and be my birthday buddy :D <3


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You are on: Forums » Smalltalk » Are you my 'birthday buddy'? (February 17th)

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