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Pix continued to marvel at the massive gem, maneuvering her hand to place it out in order to receive the gem once Gorgutz plucked it from its location and brought it over to her. As large as it was, Pix did not actually struggle with the weight of it, even using only her one hand to grasp it. She couldn't take her eyes off it for several moments, bringing it before her and continuing to stare with a twinkle in those glowing eyes of hers, and a triumphant smirk to go along with it. Eventually she maneuvered the gem deep into her lap, behind the bowl of candy she held still.

"Yes, green," she said slowly coming out of her profiting trance. She glanced over and saw the other Orks tossing axes at a suit of body armor. They seemed to be pretty good at it, and she figured if anything was damaged, Gorgutz would have the money to pay for it anyway, and so she offered little further attention to it. Instead, she returned her look back to Gorguts, "Although, when applied to our women it translates to lime, green is actually a boys color. You see, I am not actually a 'umie, I am Voldarian." Pix smiled at Gorgutz, letting her eyes fall from his face down to his toes and working their way back to his face. She rather liked aliens in general, unlike most of the rest of her kind, but Gorgutz was someone she felt a quicker bond with than most aliens she came across. They struck her as someone she could profit from, or profit with, and furthermore someone she could use to take care of things she wasn't able to or was unwilling to herself. They did, after all, bring a small private army into her bar that they clearly had unquestioning command of.

"We Voldarians may look small, but I can promise you we're stronger than we look," she said with a wink in Gorgutz direction. She wasn't sure he'd get the gesture she had picked up from 'umies long ago, but she decided to employ her alien knowledge to the conversation anyway. "Still, there are things I am always looking to hire other to-"


Pix's sentence was interrupted by the destruction of a table off to her left, and her words halted immediately as she looked over towards the noise. Staring a moment, she couldn't exactly process what it was she was seeing. A table had been cut in half and several decorations she had applied were shattered and strewn about the floor in a defeated mess. The axe held firmly into the wall seemed all the evidence she needed upon first of the orks had likely thrown it.

Pix immediately cast her attention back over other shoulder, where she had seen the axe throwing fun earlier. There sat a very guilty looking Sihke, surrounded by his apparent new Ork buddies. She cast a glare in the general direction of the group expecting some kind of explanation, something Sihke seemed unwilling to come forward with right away.

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"Vuldorian, huh??" Gorgutz repeated the name of Pix's race as best as his Orkish accent allowed him to. He'd travel far and wide across the universe, and in his many travels it was likely that he had at least heard of the species. However, he was for sure certain he and his War Band had never engaged in battle with the Voldarians, and if they hadn't fought them, then truly Gorgutz didn't know anything about them. For an Ork, battle was everything.

The giant of an Ork warboss pursed his lips as Pix continued to explain the intricacies of her race. "Runtie but strong, eh? An, itz tha g'rlz that do tha foitin', not tha boyz, loik tha Elda'." Of course, in his travels, Gorgutz had met other races where the females where considered the warrior gender as opposed to males- it made sense to him! "So ya must be loik a cross between tha' stuntie Squatz an tha' Elda'. 'Ave ye fought any o' em? I finkz you'd loik krumpin' 'em, deyz pretty good at tha' foitin'."

Most Orkz wouldn't understand the winking gesture, but Gorgutz being a highly educated and traveled Ork did, and winked. "Oh yeh, I knowz wot yer sayin'! 'Ow 'bout we-" He also began to say before a loud crashing noise took his attention away from Pix and towards where some of his Boyz where throwing axes around.

The axe that Sihke threw had missed the Space Marine's armor by seemingly miles and had split a nearby table, sending several Orks flying backwards with some of them crashing on some of the Orks that were trying to have an arm wrestle.

There was stunned silence for a second before the group of Orks that goaded Sihke into throwing the axe fell over in howling laughter, greatly enjoying the destruction that the Nivan had caused. "BWA HA HA HA!! WOT THA ZOG WAZ THAT!!?" They laughed and kicked their legs. "Oi! Ya mighta' mizzed tha 'umie armor but at leazt ya 'it everything elze rite?? HA HA HA HA!"

"Now wot diz one needz iz ta throw stikk bombs! 'Atz what!" Some other Ork suggested. "Boss! Can we keep dis one?? Ez gonna be great for grot tossing."

"No ya git! That one belongz to thiz runtie Vuldorian 'ere!" Gorgutz yelled back at them before glancing back at Pix. "Heh! Boyz will be boyz me finkz. Reckon oi can pay fer all tha damage too." It was only because Gorgutz is a Bad Moonz that he'd even consider paying for damages, and only because it gives him an excuse to spend more of his money.

In the meantime, the loud crashing noises had made some of the Orks want to hear more loud noises and were setting up electric guitars and drum batteries from an impromptu Ork concert.

"'Ere we go!!!" Said the lead singer as they started blasting death metal music and screaming into a microphone.


Those seemed to be the entirety of the lyrics. Things were getting really loud here.
Pix's accusing eyes remained locked on Sihke for the moments of stunned silence that followed the table's tragic end, relatively sure the guilty looking Navin was to blame for the disaster. "Was that you?" she asked them with authoritative scrutiny in her voice. Before Sihke could respond, the Orks erupted into laughter, nearly falling over at the extreme amusement they seemed to be feeling. Pix's eyes shot back and forth with her still solemn face at the Orks who appeared to thoroughly enjoy the event. Sihke's eyes, too, darted around, focusing on different Orks, multiple at a time, and finally deciding to join in with their new axe throwing buddies.

The Navin started clicking in delight, several layers of the noise emitting from somewhere on their body as each of the eyes half closed both sides of each eyelid. As they clicked in their own alien form of laughter, they moved their standing tentacles back and forth against the ground, bobbing the rest of their body up and down.

Pix exhaled silently in an almost half sigh at the sight of Sihke bonding with these Orks, not exactly how she anticipated the group would get along, but she certainly didn't disapprove. A half smirk found it's way onto her face as she continued to stare, listening as the Orks even requested to take Sihke home with them. Her eyes met back with Gorgutz for their reaction to the request, which she was pleased to see resulted in them dropping the iron fist of freedom for her Navin companion. She looked back to Sihke with the same smirk, speaking to them with an unquestioning tone of command, "Clean it up."

Pix turned back to Gorgutz, now reaching down and taking her broom in one hand and pulling it up beside her. She remained floating a moment, but slowly maneuvered herself and lowered to a standing position. With her opposite hand she reached back and rubbed her bottom a moment as she turned and instead pulled up a chair next to her new ork friend. "That's rather generous of you," she said with a pleasant smile in their direction. What she wasn't about to tell Gorgutz, was that she fully intended to charge Sihke for the damages. It was, after all, their fault, but of course she wasn't about to turn down the orks offer either. Would she take Gorgutz money and then turn around and still charge Sihke for the damages? Absolutely....

"Anyway, I don't think I'm familiar with the Squats or Elda by name, but I've met more alien races than you might believe. I don't think we've krumped on any either, the Empire has been at peace for a very long time now for pretty good reason," Pix replied to their earlier question. She stalled out and stared at Gorgutz several long seconds with an almost longing look, probably not romantic in nature, but definitely with further thought behind her eyes. "Ya know," she began softly, staring deeply at Gorgutzs eyes, "If you ever wanted to-"


Pix ended her sentence, mouth still agape from whatever word she had intended to say next. Her face hung there a second, only a little exasperated at the second interruption, but quickly closing her eyes and beginning to laugh lightly about it. She glanced over at the band screaming something her race didn't even identify as music, though Pix being a woman of the universe had heard things like this before. She looked back to the ork leader and leaned forward, raising her small childlike voice to a shout in the hopes he might hear her, "Is this the only word to the song?" Pix fell back into her seat with an open smile on her face aimed at Gorgutz.
Sihke (played by Voldarian_Empire)

Sihke's amused clicking slowly came to a close as they were instructed to clean up the mess they had made. They weren't terribly upset by the instruction, in fact they were relieved Pix seemed to be taking it better than they had anticipated. They were almost certain this had something to do with the Ork presence, be it either the new friend she seemed to be making, or the uproarious laughter of Sihke's new bar buddies.

"Ooofff couurrrse," Sihke replied, beginning to walk back towards the bar before finishing the statement under their breath, "Piixxxiiiee." They clicked to themselves again at the nickname they had discovered a while ago, something about a girlish flying human fantasy creature that shared much of Pix's name which she was not all that fond of. Something about the experience with the Orks had put them in a more comedic mood.

Reaching behind the bar, Sihke retrieved 2 small devices which fit directly onto their tentacles which looked almost like handheld blasters with small bags attached at one end. They quickly made their way over to the mess and activated the devices. The front end of them opened and they began using them as small vacuums, pointing them individually at the smaller areas of mess and sucking the particles into the bags. Once they were finished, the little tentacle-held vacuums were returned beneath the bar, and Sihke moved on to the next task.

Returning to the scene of the crime, the Navin wrapped a tentacle around the handle of the axe driven into the wall and using leverage from a pair of countering tentacles against the wall, pulled the weapon free with a bit of a back swing. It was then the music began blasting, which gathered Sihke's attention rather thoroughly, giving their current activities pause. They stared at those making music, focusing most heavily on the 'singer' who seemed to just be shouting 'Ork'.

Sihke emitted a few casual clicks of amusement and couldn't help but to join in, holding the axe they had recently plucked from the wall above their head, "OORRRKKK, OOORRKK, OORRRKKK, OOOORRRKKK." Their slow chanting didn't exactly flow with the music, but neither did their waving of the axe above their head look very Ork. Regardless, they chanted along the best the could manage with their naturally slow verbalization.
To most Orks, the idea of romance, or indeed, even friendship would be a wholly alien concept. Orks understood hierarchy and social relations in a very simplistic way-- the biggest and the strongest was the Boss and the smaller ones followed. With no real gender either; there was simply no need for companionship of any kind that didn't involve forming an army for fighting.

Gorgutz though, as said previously, was a very odd Ork. He'd lived for a long time and he had traveled a lot, he had seen how the other races gained power and he viewed his fellow Orks as tiresome necessities. He needed his own Boyz to wage war, but he really did not like their companionship, they were all so crude and educated, none of them could really appreciate the finer things, like money, precious stone, good food, fancy clothes... invigorating and intelligent conversations.

They were things that Gorgutz could only really get from other races, and in fact some had speculated that Gorgutz waged war for more than just the need to do so as it was his nature as an Ork, he craved the witty banter that other enemy commanders offered. He found the interactions invigorating.

That is why when Pix looked at him with longing in her eyes, he smiled back wondering about the possibilities. Perhaps the old Ork was still too much of a brute to understand romance, but the desire was there, even if he didn't quite understand it himself, he could see making an acquaintance of Pix. He liked all her imperiousness despite being so small, and the way she ordered Sihke around reminded him of an Ork Boss. It didn't hurt that she was quite pretty, something that Gorgutz understood. Pretty things were to be kept, not destroyed, as other Orks might say.

It was why he seemed annoyed when the Ork Rokker interrupted the nice conversation they were having with an incessant jabber. Gorgutz scoffed when Pix yelled a question at him over the noise, wondering if those where the only lyrics of the song.

"NAH! DAFT GIT IZ FORGETTING THA' REST OF THA' SONG!! HOLD ON!" Gorgutz had long learned that if he wanted something done right, he had to do it himself. He stomped over to the stage and pushed the Deff Rokker back, delegating him to second guitarist. He pulled a large electric guitar and pulled the microphone closer. "Dis iz how iz done! Alright Boyz, let's put on a propa' show fer our graciouz host!!" He said, dedicating the next song to Pix and Co.


"We’z da best! I don’t jest!
Gork and Mork! By our side!
We will stomp! We will krush!
Tear you down and smash your pride!

We’z da biggest n’ da baddest!
Dats all becoz green iz bestest!
We always lookin’ for a fight!
Coz’ all you’re good at is to die!

Shut yer trap and git to fightin’!
No more time for boring yappin’!
We wuz maded for the winnin’!
Top of being rather cunnin’!

We may not know how to rhyme!
We both know that ain’t no crime!
Quit yer stallin, git right here!
I’ll teach ya panzees what is fear!



Alright, lads! DIs is it!
We’z gonna show them Humies
Dem spikey Chaos boys
And dem Eldar gits why’z we’s the bestest!
Hold on to your dakka, boyz!
This is gonna be a true and propa...







Gorgutz and his Boyz headbanged with the large Ork Warboss finishing the song Roit an Propa by smashing his guitar on his own head getting just a tad carried away.
Like Gorgutz, Pix was quite a bit different than those of her own race. Most Voldarians wouldn't even consider a romance outside of their own race, and largely this came down to biology. While Pix most likely would consider it if the appeal factor was there, she really hadn't ever calculated the various problems that she would likely have from an out of species romance. Regardless, the large ork had qualities to them that she found attractive, if even not in the romantic sense right away.

She turned and watched as Gorgutz took command of the stage, and sat listening while he played, and Sihke still chanting 'ork ork ork' along with the song with the axe held above their head. It was....quite odd music, she couldn't remember hearing a lot of it before even. Voldarians were mostly lost on music, identifying it solely as a religious thing, and so her experiences with it came later and life, and exclusively from other races. Still, not many she had run across screamed as their singing.

Her brow furred, and an amused smile crossed her face as the group all began headbanging...then Gorgutz demolished the guitar on his face getting more than a tad carried away. Pix's eyes widened in surprise seeing the bold powerful move. It was crazy and wild, but showed life, spirit, and above all was a clear show of strength, something she rather liked. A coy smirk took her face and she stood walking towards the stage with her hands out to her sides, palms facing forward. A green glow appeared in her hands and moving them back and forth, a high pitched ringing could be heard. For a Voldarian, this was clapping.

"Very interesting music," she said staring up to the oversized Ork. The glow ceased and she relaxed her hands to her sides, her eyes moving back and forth to the other band members a moment before landing back on Gorgutz. "Does your head hurt?" she mused retaining the almost trademarked smirk she often wore.
"Tsk, nah." Gorgutz answered quickly when Pix asked him if demolishing the guitar with his head had hurt. He almost sounded disappointing about it, as if he had expected that the material of the guitar would have given him a challenge, but alas, he was too big to be inconvenienced by it.

Nevertheless, one thing he was receptive to was praise, and he and his Ork Boyz raised his arms and did horn signs with their hands once they realized Pix was clapping. Looks like the DeffMetul session had been a success, and now that they were properly sugared, liquored, and music'd up they looked like they were ready to get back to smashing things.

Gorgutz hoped off the stage and looked down at Pix with a grin. He had to admit that he had enjoyed the time he had spent in the company of the little Voldarian. Good talk was difficult to come by when among the Orks, and he would remiss to simply part ways with her. For a moment, there was a fire in Gorgutz, the thought occurred to him that he was bigger and that he could just pick up Pix and drag her back to his ship, that way she'd have no choice but to talk to him. And yet, he thought, that wasn't how one treated potential business partners, most Orks are too brute to realize when they're seeing potential business opportunities. If he treated Pix as an ally, there'd be more potential for an even bigger WAAAGH further down the line.

"Real gud time wez got 'ere! But nowz me and me boyz gots ta go back to tha' Krumpin'." Gorgutz said as he pulled out a card with scribbled up radio frequency numbers. "Dis 'erez iz me numberz! Ya want sum Krumpin' down by me and me Boyz, you just yell at me dere and Iz come runnin' to give 'em a good stompin'." His grin got a bit bigger. "Iz finkin' ya might have some good shiniez ta give me in return, eh?"
Pix's smirk persisted, even growing as she identified the apparent signs of gratitude for her appreciative shimmering. Her eyes darted back and forth as they all released the horned hands, only returning her gaze to Gorgutz as he leapt down in front of her.

Eyeing up to them, she could tell this would be the armies departure even before they spoke, and her eyes squinted a little in thought before the war boss began speaking. Truth was, she enjoyed the Orks presence, even more so they gave her an idea.

Imagine what security chief Yria would think if I brought them all to Vol'nza.... she thought. What a thrill...the security chief and her had never gotten along, and Yria often flaunted her massive furry beasts in her bar as a clear strong arm, an intentional move to show Pix who was really in charge of the bar she owned there. But the Orks....they were bigger, roudier, and greener than her furry often flat toned companions, not to mention a whole lot more fun. As Gorgutz began speaking, Pix openly giggle only slightly to herself at the thought of a make shift mutiny in her own bar....those Yenta wouldn't be ready for the axe throwing metal concert these Orks would throw. Of course....she may very well be shut down for that, but in her mind it was worth it.

Her eyes moved to watch the card approach as Gorgutz offered her a way to contact them, and her face almost flushed in a pleased grin....if Voldarian faces were to flush anyway. Still the large smile remained present and she reached out and took the scribbled writing, eyeing it for several moments while the lead Ork finished their statement.

"Oh I have plenty I think you'd take in trade. Universally recognized currencies, obscure and rare currencies, gems, jewels, things that shine, shimmer.....or even glow," she replied looking up to the war boss with a smile. She reached her hand up her opposite sleeve and the card disappeared, now held to her wrist guard.

Pix lifted off the ground, the bright green glow she emitted now seen in a small circle on the ground as she raised herself up to meet the 9 foot tall Ork eye to eye. Just a few more feet and she might not have the range to even float so high....the warboss was tall.

"I'm sure I can find an excuse to raze an army sometime," she replied.

"Oooorks Oooorks Oooorks Oooorks" Sihke called out, still holding the axe above their head (and mouth as it were) as they squirmed about their tentacles on their way over to land next to Pix. They continued pumping the axe midair, and continued calling out the ork name in the chant they had originally infused the Navin with, though much slower than the actual orks had done.

With a quick glance over to Sihke, Pix returned to Gorgutz, "Even if it's just to entertain Sihke." She laughed lightly to herself, then turned back to look at the cephalopod, "Give his axe back, they will need it for the krumpin'."

Sihke stalled out, different eyes eyeing different Orks as they stood there a moment. They couldn't remember who gave it to them, in fact, they really couldn't tell the Orks apart. The only reason they could tell Voldarians apart were if they were different colors for the most part. Stretching their tentacle towards Gorgutz, seemingly the leader, the creature offered the axe's return. They were just a little disappointed the night seemed to be ending so soon, but then, it stood to reason if Pix kept in contact with the race, they may very well have the opportunity to attend another Ork concert.
Receptiveness.. such a rare sight to see for Gorgutz in his dealings with other races. Sure, it was always pleasing to see the fear in the eyes of an enemy, or hatred even, can't have a good proper fight with a good amount of rage and all. Orks loved to be respected both by other Orks and by other creatures-- it's what made them so big and strong, literally if their ego was big then the Ork would be of matching size.

But seeing Pix's pleased grin was entirely different. He and his Boyz had done good here, not in a purely stompin' and krumpin' kind of way, but they had made an impression, and as Gorgutz was sensing, a very powerful ally, and one that could prove a whole lot of fun. Not just to help them find things to stomp, but to have around as well, yes, ultimately, that's what Gorgutz thought he was feeling, Pix just seemed like the type that he'd want to keep around.

As Sihke tried to hand him back the axe, Gorgutz let a chuckle out and pressed the axe back to the tentacled alien. "Ya keep that choppa', somethin' ta remember uz by till next we meet. Use it on any git that gives ya any trouble eh??" He grinned again and gave the floating Pix one last look, almost longingly, before moving back.

"Gud! Can't wait ta hearz from ya, I betz wez gunna 'ave loadz o' gud timez making some propa krumpinz! RITE BOYZ!!?" The Warboss yelled and all the Orks responded with their signature "WAAAAAAAAAAGGH!!" They seemed eager to get back out there.

Running out the door, Gorgutz and his Boyz clambered up their hap hazerdly made space craft, that looked like it was put together from scrap. The engine roared and they blasted back into the night sky, almost crashing against another passing space craft.
Pix slowly floated to the ground watching as what she presumed would be her new friend and their army took towards the door. Sihke slunk up next to her with the axe still held in the air. She stared at Gorgutz as they left, certain she would find the time and reasoning to contact them. She had enlisted assassins, merchants, and various other members of the dark universe for varying reasons...but one thing she never had access to was an army. While that thought in and of itself was attractive to her, she couldn't help but to look forward to her next interaction with the warboss outside of that fact. Despite them being more than twice her size, she still interpreted a lot of kindred compatibility in Gorgutz that she had already enjoyed.

"There goooooeess thee concert...." Sihke said, "At least I get a soooouuuuviner!" they claimed, dangling the axe upside down in front of Pix. She reached out and grabbed it by the handle, pulling it out of the Navin's grasp and looking over to him with her coy smile. "Well.....I did," they replied.

Despite the weight of the axe, Pix didn't seem to struggle to hold it, and she walked with it over to a nearby table and set it atop. She turned back to look at Sihke. "Don't worry, you can have it back..." she claimed while removing the witches hat and tossing it atop the axe on the table, "Just as soon as this place is cleaned up!"

Reaching back into her sleeves, she removed the gem Gorgutz had given her, and the card he had left his digits on, holding them before her and staring at each one at a time. Sihke approached, standing opposite of her with different eyes fixated on her and each item. As she stared at them, the Navin spoke, "Are you really going to contact him?"

Pix looked back with a surprised smile, "What do you think?" Sihke only clicked in delight, looking forward to the next deffmetal concert. He would 100% bring that axe to pump in the air.

"They maaaake for a fuuuun party!" they exclaimed, and with that Pix stuffed the items back up her sleeve and attached them to her wrist guard before looking at Sihke with a devilish smile.

"Just wait till the Christmas party...."

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