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A cool breeze curls through the city, twisting hair and cloths and making children sheik with laughter. It is a perfect day, sunny but not too hot with a gentle wind, you almost couldn't help but smile. As such, everyone is outside and the market in the square is thriving. Everywhere you look there are vendors with colorful stalls selling exotic goods with customers packed like sardines in-between. The air is filled with shouting advertisements, incessant haggling, and the smell of a multitude of foods cooking. It's all certainly enough to make Shadow smile.

He is tucked away in a corner at the edge of the square, concealed in well, a shadow. His arms are crossed casually as he leans back against the stone wall taking in the scene in front of him. So many possibilities, where is he to start? With so many people in this chaos, he can grab just about anything he wants without any issue. While appealing, that isn't quite the thrill he's after. Still, opportunities will only come when looked for.

Stretching a bit, Shadow pushes himself off the wall and pushes his hood off his head, then moves his cloak to rest behind his shoulders. At this point they'll only make him look suspicious, and the crowd provides such wonderful cover. Taking a coin from his pocket and passing it from hand to hand, over and under fingers, Shadow emerges from his shadow and enters the market, eyes scanning for anything that looks like a challenge, or just plain fun.
Today had been too long already.

Even though it had only been a few hours since the sun started her shift across the blue skies, Drake was already feeling the toll of taking on a whole schedule full to the brim with orders. Upon that, he still had many customers of all shapes and sizes arriving by the minute, filling in their demands and commissions of their own. It was to be expected, not to brag but Drake knew he was a well known Blacksmith that had a good hand in metal works of all kinds. No to mention he was the only Blacksmith that travelled between cities and towns, which was a good trait to have, as he could help near to about everyone! Indeed, Drake did enjoy his work all year round. But as for the summer markets with the bustling crowds and endless labour, he may have bitten off a little more than he could chew. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop his determination for finishing what needed to be completed by the evenings rise. Or to at least finish as much as he could.

And so, he hammered away.
Taking the red hot pieces of pure previous metals from the roaring coal fires, before placing them upon the cold anvil face to create another work of art. Each piece Drake created and forged was unique, one never being alike to any other. He even handled the repairs of weapons and precious items with care, finishing with a product that was far better than before. And now, as Drake worked, anyone would have been able to see the concentration upon the giants face – each hit with the hammer was calculated and precise, as to correct any bends or faults in the malleable metals. Sparks flying out in every direction, scattering across the floor like excited fire sprites. The heat from the forge fire was exhausting to stand near let alone work beside. But Drake didn’t seem to mind one bit on the surface. He had been a Blacksmith for many many years, thus the blasting heat and blisters upon his hands had all become the become the norm.

However, his resilience against his working environment and life wasn’t the only thing that had developed over the centuries. When he first started, Drake was a small lad with an ambitious dream. Looking for some adventure in the vast world of Nowhere. As for now, he was nothing short of a stoic giant, with an even bigger heart and appetite. The life of a Blacksmith moulded him into the creature he was today. Ever since his first order, Drake had been working hard. Earning every coin and pouch of gold by his skills and experience. Striving to help anyone he could at any time.

That was the flaw about him.
Helping anyone. Which all turned back to the list of orders he had. He huffed and paused from hammering at the steel, shoving it back into the hot coals. The sneaky thought of taking a break and having something to eat wriggled into Drake’s mind. The wonderful scents from the various vendors and stalls were just too enticing to ignore. He began to think of an excuse to purchase some spiced cooked meats, he hadn’t had any breakfast. Then again, he still had a job to get done.

With one last groan, Drake stretched and took the red hot metal from the forge to start to hammering away once more. Maybe he could have a break later? Maybe an early night too? Oh, Who knew.

He just hoped that today would be a little more exciting than usual.
Shadow was enjoying himself immensely. The excitement and energy from the marketplace was contagious, and he couldn't help but smile as he mad his way through. This freedom, it was intoxicating. As Nasir he never able to relax while in public, there was always an image to uphold. He had certainly got himself into a few tight situations, but he had never once regretted stepping out as Shadow. He had already palmed one blue-purple crystal and was currently munching on a delectable hand-held version of a mince meat pie. The crystal didn't have any magical properties as far as he knew, but he loved the way the colors shifted in the sun at different angles. The pie he had actually paid for. He had seen that merchant woman before and knew that she cared for three children, the youngest of whom had recently come down with a severe illness. So he even left a nice tip. Of course, the coin he used had been lifted from some overdressed tripe a few stalls down, but who was counting?

Despite his early successes, Shadow was still looking for something bigger. As he darted to the side to avoid a line of children racing through the crowd, he spotted something, well, huge. That's not what I meant by bigger, but it's certainly worth checking out, he thought with a small chuckle. A couple of rows down from where Shadow stood was a literal giant expertly bringing a hammer down repeatedly on an anvil. He had heard of the traveling giant blacksmith of course, but this was his first time coming across the smith in person, unless of course there were two. Now there was a con, Shadow wondered how hard it would be to find a giant, or some tall creature, and set up a mimicry to capitalize on the giant's reputation. He filed that thought away for another time.

A few stalls down from where the blacksmith had set up, a plump, brightly dressed cat-person had a colorful fabric stall set up. Shadow sidled up and absentmindedly examined a silky blue fabric whilst glancing over at the giant. Damn, there were certainly some beautiful creations over there, that giant knew his stuff. Shadow figured he could always use another dagger, and if he found one pretty enough she could wear it outside her gown as Nasir, claiming it was ornamental.

Now how to pull this off? There were certainly people coming and going from the blacksmith, but it wasn't as surrounded by the usual crowd given the immense heat of the forge. That was problematic, and Shadow certainly didn't want to get into a fight with someone at least three times his size. He turned away from the fabric stall, his cloak swishing over the display and the blue fabric being conspicuously absent after. He circled around to the back of the blacksmith stall and raised his hood, anticipation growing in his stomach.

Shadow grinned and licked the last of the meat juice from his fingers. Now this is what he was after, the nerves, the thrill, the risk! He had better be ready to run in case things went south. Now, all he needed was an opening.
That was it. He needed a break.

With all the aching from arms and the sore ache from his hands, Drake could hardly think over the annoying pains let alone continue with his crating. He lifted the slim body of a long swords blade from the anvil; it's red hot surface hissing madly against the air as a few more sparks flittered away. Drake tried his best to judge the overall straightness of the blade, but his sight wasn't what it used to be. All due to an accident with a an unfortunate accident that included a fire pit when he was younger. Ever since then, the giant was near to blind on his left side, causing him many problems in perceiving the world around him. Nonetheless, Drake didn't let that defect hinder him and his work. He lifted the blade and placed it into a bath of cold water, listening to the cold water sizzle against the hot metal; waiting for the right second to pull out the blade, holding it up to the light. Its surface shimmered with a beautiful pattern, all down to many precise folds of Sky Iron - one very precious metal that was hard to come by as it was stronger than any steel and lighter than an angels feather. Any weapon crafted with a blade of Sky Iron could cut through anything, like a hot knife through a pound of butter.

Drake carefully put the new blade down upon one of the many workbenches he owned. A small wave of relief washed over him, happy that he was nearly half way to completing another order. He loved helping others, seeing to what he could do to help any and all of his customers. That was what he lived by, believing that if he helped others with a kind heart he would receive the same treatment. Low and behold, it worked, as Drake got to know any creatures and wonderful souls - often getting a tip of his pay for such great attitude and works. Never did he shun anyone for any reason, instead he strives to, well, just be nice!

But as for now, Drake needed a little time to himself. The idea of getting something to eat crossed his mind once more, as well as getting some of the new stuff he purchased that helped to heal his rough hands. He promise himself that he would only take a short break. Reminding himself that there was still a lot of work to get done. With that, he stretched and pondered over to a corner of his stall space to where his personal belongings and bags were kept. He began to rumage through bag, his hands ferreting around for a certain leather pouch that contained some spiced meats and jerky - the perfect snack for the late midday.

Drake just hoped that no toruble happened nor any customers wondered up whilst he was in the back, just so he could have some peacfullness.
Now that is one pretty sword Shadow thought as he stared in awe at the Sky Iron blade the giant held to the sky before placing it on a workbench. That is certainly not something you come across everyday, and Shadow's stomach clenched even more now that he had a specific target, especially one so magnificent. He had only come across a couple Sky Iron blades in his life, and had always desired one. He could tell even from the distance he was at that the craftsmanship was excellent. The traveling blacksmith's reputation appeared to be more than just talk. Talk about a sword fit for the "Prince of Thieves." Though, truth be told, Shadow never did much care for that nickname. He hated that people could still pick up a noble aura around him despite his best efforts to distance this life from his other. Still, the reputation didn't hurt.

Breath held, Shadow watched the giant move across the stall for a break, then move to rummage through his pack. This is my chance, Shadow couldn't help but grin as the adrenaline rushed through his body. He crouched low, moving between the workbenches as to avoid being seen. Almost there, almost there, CLANG! He had moved too close to one of the benches, accidentally sending several pieces to the ground in what to him seemed to be a deafening clatter.

Well, shit.

Not waiting or looking to see if the giant had heard or what his reaction was, Shadow leaped up, grabbed the blade, and dashed off into the crowd, stowing the sword under his cloak best he could as he ran. Have to get away, have to build some distance, have to disappear. Half of Shadow was pissed at himself for such a simple mistake, but another part of him couldn't help but be ecstatic. After all, what's a reward without a challenge?
After what felt like a small eternity spent looking for some foods, Drake finally dug out a small pouch stuffed with the many dried snips of meats he had been wanting. His senses were immediately hit with the various spiced scents, making the giant to quickly starting on his delectable snack. But, once he was about to take his first bite... He heard the sound of metal hitting stone. Drake's head swiveled around to only see a black blur dart away - disappearing through a small gap in the tent; the faint scent of iron following the mysterious figure.

For what Drake lacked in sight, he made up for in his hearing and his sense of smell. In an instant, Drake stood made his way to the back of the tent into the busy streets, seeing the glimpse of a dark cloaked figure. The very faint scent of Sky Iron following them. From what Drake had seen, nothing was out of place in his stall, but it was too late to stop the yelling thought in head.

A thief!?

Drake puffed up, moving into the street, nearly stomping on a small Fae women who shrieked in shock. He tried his best to use what sight he had left to seek out the thin shadow that had slinked away. Indeed, Drake wasn't one to let his temper get the better of him, but seeing a little snith sneak trying to make off with some very precious items only made the giants blood boil. "OI! YEH LITTLE THEIF!!!" He growled in a deep gutteral tone in the direction of the shadowed person, causing several creatures to jump and look about. Just in time to dive out of the way of an rather large enraged giant thundering down the rather narrow slim street.

Drake was a creature who was very hard to provoke and peeve off until steam was hissing from his ears. He was one to talk out any problems, to try and smooth out the wrinkles and in many cases - give anyone and everyone a second chance. But by the looks of things, Drake had the idea of this possible thief paying with their hide if he had anything to say about it.

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