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Happy Thanksgiving
With the spirit of being thankful let us make a story of it
How this works!
Person one begins the story leaving two or more options for the next person.
Person two writes the answer of the story into their story leaving options for the next person.
And so on till our story is done.
Person 1: A girl is walking up to a path that splits into two. One goes into the forest while the other into a cave, she thinks for a few of which to go.
Person 2: The girl decides the forest is best place and keeps going down this path making it to a river after a few hours, she thinks for a few on if she should cross the river, go up the river or down the river.
Story details:
We are hosting a thanksgiving dinner with our friends/family
You are cooking a wonderful dinner with the trimmings awaiting for family and friends to arrive they should be here within the hour, while you wait you decide to...

Option A: Set the plates and glasses on the table

Option B: Clean everything real quick

Option C: Make Pumpkin Pie
Option A

You decide it is best to start setting the table. You place beautiful china plates and crystal glasses, you also place a beautiful basket in middle with pumpkins, squash and other thanksgiving type veggies. "Hmm" Something is missing.. "CANDLES!!" You place two candles one on each side of the basket. You hear the bell you answer the door and your guest soon start arriving. "Come in come in." As you lead everyone to the table you head off into the kitchen while everyone piles in. You finish up the touches, but you notice you didn't make the pumpkin pie!!

Option A: Serve everyone the dinner and make pie later

Option B: Forget the pie and just serve dinner.
Option A:

Luckily your friends and family brought food over. You place out the dinner and you go to the front of the turkey. "I am thankful for all my friends and family rather they are by blood or not you are still the world to me." You say as you then begin to carve the turkey. After hours of eating and enjoying each others company, it was time for everyone to split off. They ones who enjoy sports are at the tv, while those who want to gossip are in the bedroom and as for the young ones they are playing in your backyard. You are making Pumpkin Pie and other desserts to go with the desserts your family and friends brought over. "DESSERT!!" You shout after a few hours.

Option A: You place the Desserts on the table.

Option B: You leave the Desserts in the kitchen.
((Anyone like to join game?))
Option A

You bring the desserts onto the table and smile as your family grabs and enjoy yours and everyone elses work. "It will be game time soon!! What game should we play?"

Option A: Video game

Option B: Board game

Option C: Game of your choice (Meaning you can pick any game pg 13)
((Anyone like to join in please?))
((Anyone like to type the ending of this story??))
Option B

Thanksgiving is a time for family, and you figure the elderly members of your family won't appreciate playing video games. "Let's play a board game," you suggest. Everyone agrees, and you quickly set up the table. You feel a warm glow inside your heart as you glance at each of your family members and friends, seated around the table in unison. You begin to play. You notice your little niece, who looks determined to win. You notice your about to win the game.

Option A: Let your neice win

Option B: Win the game
Option A

You win all time and your niece hardly does, she deserves a win after all. Your niece wins and she jumps up so happy. "Yay you did it!!" You smiled and hugged her.


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