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I'm currently building a profile for a small town (Pop. < 500 people) and I'm kind of at a loss. I have a lot of information I want to include since I want this profile to provide a lot of information to any roleplay partners I have so there's any reason to go back and forth about what stores look like, smell like, open and close at, and are ran by especially since a lot of these store owners are relevant to the plotlines this town is tied to.

How I currently have it is really bulky and yucky to look at and I was wondering if anyone could help me come up with ideas. So far what I think I have is I'm going to lead with a summary of the stores and whatnot and then I'll have the bulk of each of their 'biographies' be lower down the page.

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I like that idea, but maybe you could put some collapse tags? (lol, I'm not BBCode expert so..)
Oh, yeah that'll probably be good too!!
I'm open to all ideas but I'm especially keen for bccode examples and inspiration n whatnot
BB Code Land (played anonymously)

Idk if it'll be helpful, But I have some BB code in this character profile here.

I also know of these layouts and Mercyinreach has These layouts. And Ollie went ahead and made some bb-code stuff as well.
I typically take a glance at Beebee when I first start putting something together, but I've not looked at Mercy's stuff in a little bit. I dunno if you'll ever check back over here since you've deactivated that profile, but thank you!!

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