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Trailbreaker was seriously injured while leaving Cybertron. He was leaking Energon and his self-diagnostics was off, so he couldn't tell how bad the damage was. He didn't feel too he just solider on. So he just took a long way. But when he felt really weak he just entered a solar system and was near the third planet. So he decides to just head there. But what surprised him was that there were satellites and light, indicating life. He went to one of these satellites and started collecting about this planet's culture and languages, among other things.

However, the weight of him seem to set the dish off course and was set ablaze upon entry. When he landed, he was in an Area in San Antonio. Trailbreaker simply limped to a nearby Gas Station. He scanned a nearby Stingray and drove to an abandoned parkway. He then went into a stasis lock due to him losing Energon.

Next thing that happens to him is that he's waking.While being repaired
Jess had been fixing up an old stingray that as left in her junkyard, the engine was in mostly decent shape but it would be a pain to repair. She had it up on a lift so she could get under it to see how much damage there was, nothing she couldn't fix. After a few hours, the car was functional, she got out from under it and walked over to a cooler in the corner of the garage. She opened it and grabbed a water, sighing, she sat down and looked at the car. She figured she could take it out for a spin tomorrow. Her hair had come out of the bun it was in and her shirt was covered in grease and spar metal. She walked over to her room in the corner of the garage and took a shower then came out in clean clothes. She went to a couch and laid down, fixing that car was hard, what did it do? Did drive threw a volcano?
General Sturnn (played by Cactus_Jones)

Sturnn was anxious about the news of the recent activity within space. Apparently, someone has changed the course and destabilize the orbit of one the satellites and making go off course of its usual pattern and made it go planetfall. Not only that; the foreign object landed outside The city of San Antonio. From what the report says, the dish was burned up in entry to the planet and the Dish had to be replaced. But they also found a mysterious energy trail from the crash site that led into the city. His superiors had the crash site quarantine and lock downed. They didn't find what caused the trail of unknown energy but because of it, this led to the current president appointing General Sturnn in charge of the operation to find and possibly capture or if it comes to it neutralize this entity before it can become a major threat to the U.S.A and possibly the world. He will take charge and end whatever this thing is before it becomes a threat. Thus began Operation Titanfall.
While the lady left, he decided to transform and look around. The car's front was on his chest, with the headlights pointing forward. The back of the cars was on his legs, where half of the car door pointed up, and the other would point down. He scanned the multiple types of machinery, and most if not all were broken.So that didn't prove a threatHe decided to do a self-check on both his weapons and himself. He would grab two guns that had 8 cylinders each. Like an oversized revolver. He then grabbed a hammer and look at it.'Looks like it wasn't damaged in the crash. He put that away, and would looking around. He was on a planet called Earth. And he's stuck here. For the centuries he has left. He decides to transform back into the stingray before using the radio to listen to jazz, though very loudly.
She heard Jazz coming from the main hanger and walked over to investigate. She heard it coming from the old stingray and found the radio on max, she walked to the car grabbing a crowbar on the war. She scanned the warehouse, the door was shut and locked still so no one had come in. She walked over and lifted the engine lid, perfectly fine, everything was in place and well oiled. She opened the car door and sat in the driver's seat, it just seemed to be playing? She turned off the radio and pulled out a screw driver from her belt, she took the compartment off and saw a few loose wires. "This must be why it started playing." She fixed the wires and placed the radio back in. "Strange..." She pulled the keys out from her pocket and started the engine, it worked fine, so why did she feel uneasy.
General Sturnn (played by Cactus_Jones)

Sturnn knew he had to be cautious when finding this... unidentified entity, but first, he had to pinpoint its location to even talk to it. To do this he had a quickly planned out strategy to lure it out. First, however, he will need to go tell the residents to remain calm and at the same time to see if they saw anything from the crash site. During this time he had around 3 soldiers dress in civilian clothes go to Jessica's junkyard to tell her about the crash and to see if she saw anything at all. The soldiers then found a hanger of where the owner of the place would seem to be and they knocked on the door hard but not hard as in a threating way but to have your attention.
Jess heard the knock and opened the hanger down, "Yes?" They asked about a crash and wondered what she knew. "It was an asteroid that burned up, that's what I keep hearing. I haven't gone over to the cite yet, the only weird thing that happened was the power went out for a few hours." They nodded and left. she removed her hand from her pistol behind her back and shut the hanger door. "Idiots... I hate the army."
General Sturnn (played by Cactus_Jones)

The General was in his office doing paperwork about the office when he an idea of how to find it. He then picked his radio and requested a jeep be ready for his departure to a local radar station that was also used for locating different elements on the world and in space and requested for some of the "Mysterigon", as some of his troops called it. It was a combination of mysterious and energy. He had been transported to the off-limited station which layed out on a disclosed hill far from any known traces of civilization. He had gotten his hands on the mysterigon but took a bit of convincing from his superiors to take some from RnD but in the end, it will be worth it. He had the scientists there analyze its energy which took a considerable amount of time which it was morning when he left and now it's around 10:00 at night. After the analyzation, they will be able to locate it anywhere in the Texen area if that same energy spikes up again like if its in battle for example. The General thought to himself and said in his mind "Although this isn't much" he then took a long and slow breath and then breathe out and said quietly to himself, "Its at least a start to finding this thing".
When the lady walked away, he rolled away and into a corner. He didn't want to be detected. But the human did repair him...he hated the idea. He would honk the horn of the car, alerting her. And when she came, he briefly turned on the headlight and transformed before her eyes, before crouching down."Don't yell...unless you want to lose your home.
She looked at the robot that was previously her car. "Ok." she looked calm, but she was freaking out inside. "Um, who the **** are you?"
"...Your Car."Trailbreaker would look around and see that the soldier was nowhere to be seen. So he walked. Straight into a power cord. Immediately sparks surge as he set open a power surge that knocks out most of the power. When he got himself free, he quickly looked at the human and transformed back into a car form. He then opens the door, and said through the radio, "Get in, this area is not safe."
She rolls her eyes, "This is Texas, when is it not." She walks over to the hanger and opens the rolling doors. She walked over to the driver's side and got in. Her pistol was still in her pocket. "I'm in now what?" she figured if it was going to kill her, he would have done it already.
General Sturnn (played by Cactus_Jones)

He was in the comms center waiting for anything about the E.T. Sturnn was scratching his nose until he was notified about a recent power outage and not only that but they were able to detect the energy signature similar to the mysterious energy. He was surprised by the notification but his frown was still there on his face. He then ordered a detachment of a company to go check out the origins of the power outage.
Renko (played anonymously)

Just before the power outage, above the earth yet another series of five objects entered the atmosphere, trajectories bringing them to land all over the United States. One of these new objects was poised to land outside of San Antonio. This particular object impacted a military spy satellite. Just prior to it's destruction, it sends back an poor image of a pod like object just moments before impact, four other re-entry trails in the background.

"Fourth layer traversed, decelerating to under mach one. Termination of coolant stage. Commencing aerodynamic control. All systems green. Beginning search." High above the city one could perhaps briefly see a small flash in the sky as the streaking fireball seemed to burn itself out. Not far the initial anomalies crash comes another smaller crash.
"We leave."TrailBreaker would then drive out of the junkyard, but before transforming his arm and shooting at the Junkyard. Kuro would go on the Highway, driving by himself. He would talk through the radio."We might have to take a pit stop. Some else crashed. It might mean an ally has crashed her "
She nodded, "What do you mean Might? Are there others that your enemies with?" She was still getting used to the fact that it talked out of the radio, yes, of all that's happened that's what surprised her. She had worked on robots as a kid so an alien, nothing she didn't expect. She figured the universe was huge and other life was very possible. All of the SCY-FY had pretty much trained her for this. It did annoy her, however, that it blew up her junkyard.
"Yes. There are allies and there are enemies. My planet was on the verge of dying from a century-long war, so we started leaving for it to repair itself...But the war might be coming to your planet."Trailbreaker said, while exiting the highway, going to see if that was ally or enemy.
"Hold on, century-long war?" She suddenly felt nauseous, what did she get dragged into? He shot a curb and she saw a cop few cars down, "Slow down! do you want to cause more of a commotion?!?" She placed her hands on the bottom of the wheel and watched it drive by.
General Sturnn (played by Cactus_Jones)

Sturnn had sent the company to the junkyard because they located it to be the origin of the power outage. From what the soldiers had called in, it was abandon and there were tracks that left the area. He ordered the men to follow the tracks and locate the maker of them and call it in and move back to base. After his orders, the general sighed as he was so close in finding this thing for only at the last minute to escape his hands. He sat down in his chair in his office when then a radioman came and said to him "Sir, your superiors in the Pentagon require your attention." The man groaned as he got up and walk all the way to secured channel line with his superiors and began listening of what they had to say. "General, we recently located a new problem in your area. We captured photos of 5 objects landing on the planet and one of them landed in your area of operations and we believe this one is connected to your original assignment. So your new orders are now to not only deal with the first threat but now you have locate and capture or destroy this new one."

Then the comms went silent as the speaker left. General was getting angry at this and why now the aliens were coming to this planet. But then more news came as a commander came to him " Sir, the new Chirmea APCs are now operational and your recent project is almost complete." The General was somewhat happy now and then nodded to the commander and said to him "It will be a long week ahead of us."
Renko (played anonymously)

If any of the soldiers stationed at the original crash site come to investigate the newly formed second crash site, they would be greeted by a sound similar to that of a turbine starting to increase in power as they approached. After a brief moment a armored figure would come shooting over the lip of the crater created by the crash, using it like a launch ramp. Landing a distance away the figure quickly took off, moving via a high speed hover. Should any soldier have seen the figure, they would have described it as a female in unusual armor. This would also be the case at the other four landing points. All seemed to be searching for something, disregarding whether or not they had been seen by humans.

Once away from her impact point Renko was quick to get on a high speed path, the highway, and begins to head into the city proper, following a faint energon trail and scanning for any Cybertronian friend or foe signals. Currently Renko's own IFF simply registered as a pre-war cybertronian signal.

At the crash site, once investigated, there would be found traces an energy much like what had already been found along with a simple landing pod, little more then heat resistant paneling, equipment racks and a seat, along with the remains of the satellite it had hit during re-entry. While large, both the seat and equipment racks were almost human proportioned.

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