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Forums » Help » How to upload pictures without a URL? (Solved)

EDIT: I am such a fool. A buffoon, even. I figured it out immediately after posting this.

Hi um...every time I try to put a picture of my ocs in their bios with the image link, it screws up and all that shows is a big ol block of link text. I'm trying to upload them from Deviantart but it never works. I wonder if anyone has the same problem?

I end up having to upload them to tumblr and then using the image link but I'm getting tired of that.

Is there a way to just upload pictures of my ocs without having to use a url??

Sanne Moderator

Hey Abissh! No worries, you're not a fool, you just weren't aware of a feature. ;) Big difference!

It helps to have the answer to your question in this thread in case anyone with the same question searches and finds the topic. I assume you found the gallery widget? :D

You are on: Forums » Help » How to upload pictures without a URL? (Solved)

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