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Lilliana (played anonymously)

Hi, everyone. As the title says, I am in need of natural and magical hiccup ideas. The basic plotline is that after a world war, the world has been depleted of the majority of its magic and left in a post-apocalyptic state. We want random events to take place to keep our characters on their toes!

Any and all ideas are welcome and appreciated. Thank you. :)

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Ooh, magic hiccups are fun! I'm not totally sure if you're looking for things that happen as a direct result of people trying to cast spells, or general weirdness that seems to happen out of nowhere, but here's some random ideas to throw out there anyway...
  • When casting a spell, the spell goes to a random target or location instead of the one aimed for. This could end up healing an enemy or hurting an ally.
  • The spell's effect is the opposite effect of what's intended. A hiccup'd fireblast would turn that area into ice, or a love spell makes the intended target swear eternal vengeance on the caster.
  • The spell works like normal... several hours after it's cast.
  • The spell works like normal, but the effects are either much stronger or much weaker than planned (pick randomly- it might be good, it might be bad!)
  • The spell backfires right onto the caster, causing weird aftereffects (like smoke coming out of your ears after a fire spell backfires)
  • If there's an instance where it'd be especially cool, the spell backfires onto the caster and makes them mutate. (There's a whole lot of different mutation tables out there, but I've yet to find one I really like.)
  • If all else fails, look for a wild magic table and roll on that for inspiration! A word of caution- don't go for the biggest table you can find, because after a while the writers run low on ideas and start throwing in whatever they think of, and some of those entries can derail an RP pretty fast. I've heard stories where someone used one of the huge tables on their first session, and rolled something that rained down meteors right on the party, and that cut the campaign pretty short.

I'll keep an eye out and add in any other ideas I happen to think up! ^_^
Lilliana (played anonymously)

I've looked at tons of wild magic generators. We are making our own list. We are good on caster specific hiccups at the moment. I'm struggling to find more large scale events that could happen at random.

We only have a few of those - hallucinogenic fog, salt raining from the sky, the dead rising, disappearing and changing terrain.
Just a few quick ideas. :) Hopefully you can get use out of 1 or 2!
  • Gravity suddenly affected in an area. Making everything either very light or very heavy
  • Metal begins to rapidly rust
  • Portal appears - do you go through? Does something come out?
  • All of Race X suddenly become invisible.
  • Tiny ants are enlarging ... rapidly.
  • Mirror images of everyone appear
  • The stars rearrange themselves in the sky
  • tremors in the ground cause everyone to fall (or roll a die to avoid falling?)

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