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Hellooo RPRians! Been a while, I've missed being here! I'm reopening commissions, so come let me draw your babies!

Here's a handy-dandy quick visual guide to my more popular offerings:

But for allll the nitty-gritty details, more examples, TOS and everything else you may need to know, please check my commission site here:

Thanks for reading, hope to draw for ya soon! c:

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Goo Topic Starter

A lil' bumperoo~ I'm willing to haggle prices a bit on experimental things, so if you've got questions feel free to PM, I don't bite!
Goo Topic Starter

Running a BOGO deal until December 6th! It's rare to catch this sort of thing from me, so if you're interested this might be your only shot! (I'm also willing to haggle a bit on top of this, I don't bite!)

Edit: Had a thing here, thing is now outdated.
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Wow I really just have not posted here at all this year, huh? Wild. Just dropping a lil' bump here since I'm technically open for commissions again! I've been really bad about advertising lately, but if you'd like me to draw you stuff, either poke me here or on Discord: Guttergoo#4521

Examples/pricing/etc. are here:

And social media/other places you can find me are here:
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Time for another lil' bumparoo~ Gonna be finishing up some stuff fairly soon so slots are open again! Also feel free to drop by my Discord server if you wanna talk artstuff!

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