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Ailmar (played by Allannia)

A land of magic and wonder, adventure and alot of fantasy, love and elves
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River (played by River_Cipher)

Astra (played by River_Cipher)

Ailmar (played by Allannia) Topic Starter

River (played by River_Cipher)

River had always been different from the other village children. From a young age, she had practiced the arcane arts that her mother taught her while the others were learning how to wield swords and spears. Magic was common in her human village.

The reason she even lived there was because of her parents. Her mother was an elf while her father was human. She gained her father's human appearance while inheriting her mother's powers. This type of relationship was forbidden so her parents had to run away.

The both of them were dead now and River wanted to find out more about her mother's past. She was never told much, only a general area of her mother's homeland. So she gathered a bag of various items for the long journey and set out.

Her best friend, Astra, tagged only. He couldn't let her go alone.

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