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Saltora (played by North-Wood)

I would prefer to play with fellow adults so I don't have to hold info and descriptions back. Yes, I did post in the Adults only section.

Hello, I made this gal due to wanting to play in the world of the Rise of the Guardians/Guardians of Childhood series. I made my own version of what happened to Sanderson's people in Saltora's past. I have not read the mentioned book series yet, so I made something for the site.

I would like to roleplay an entire story with Saltora, the Rise of the Guardian characters, and your character (if you want!). However if you don't want to, or want to do something quick, just a scene of Sanderson and Saltora reuniting again. Maybe a bit of them having some one on one time together (Her comforting Sanderson while he weeps for his lost people.) Maybe a have the two explain what happened in the past to the other Guardians. (In short: any slice of life stuff)

If possible, I would like to have Sanderson be mute due to an injury. A attack from Pitch's Fearlings damaged his voicebox to the point where it hurts to talk.

The plot ideas for a full rp:

The Blackhole Raiders are coming to Earth with the intention to destroy. Saltora, the Guardains, Pitch (yes, he's alive!), and others must band together to save their home. Will they succeed?

The Guardians, Saltora, and others must find the remaining wish bringers. The problem? The wish bringers are scattered across the stretches of space. Oh, and the Blackhole Raiders want to kill them as well.

Both plots can go together, but it may be too big of an rp. I am open to a group rp.
hey! i am looking to join a rp, but i dont know anything about the rise of the guardians is that ok?

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