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So, I have a concept but, like usual...I can't think of a good well thought out plot. The concept is as follows: my character is someone born with an innate ability. She can create monsters or demons 5hat consider her as their master/god. Well, she doesn't realize that she creates them and is the 'demon lord' until, bandits attack a carriage she's in that takes her to a private academy. Either she creates one or a few (assuming your character(s) will do this part) monsters/demons kill the bandits to protect her is up to you. Other than that premise, I got nothing.
I think your plot pitch is actually rather interesting. to have an ability that is like a catalyst to make demons/monsters out of people and animals but not know they can do it or how to control it?

I think just simply having it at that and your partner playing a random accident that starts to follow her around and protect her and follow her orders/instructions would be a strong enough plot to work off of. having random bits of drama that pop up for her to slowly come to the realization of what she is doing, and what she has created and just letting the rp carry it from there is all you really need.

I always try to not pre-plan TOO much of a plot because it gives the wiggleroom for your partner to shift how the cards might fall.
True, one of the thoughts I had is that when it comes to light to the human race and further into the future of the rp. They start calling her the first demon lord.

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