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Eirwyn (played anonymously)

Solistone was a beautiful city. The buildings were crafted of a kind of stone that was very light grey in color, almost silver but without the shine. The roads were paved with the same stone in varying patterns. There were two churches at both the east and south ends of the town, one a short squat establishment with two rooms, the other a sprawling affair with a bell tower.

To the west of the town, near the river, was a race track. Nearby was a small, smoke filled tavern where people played cards. East, closer to the market district, which ran through the very center of the town, was another tavern, free of gambling. It was called The Pig's Swill and despite its name was a very attractive establishment.

Eirwyn was sitting in the stands surrounding the race track. At the moment they were pre-race. She was watching the horse she had betted on, a silver beauty with white hair and black stocking markings, dappled with darker grey markings and a white star on her forehead. She had hazel eyes, and at the moment her owner was giving her a good rub down with a brush.
Mephorae (played by f0x1nth3b0x)

The stands were filled, but in a scattered sort of way. Among them was the tiefling, shuffling awkwardly through the aisle to get to a comfortable seat a good distance from most other people. Hooves made it hard to move this way.

She stumbled into a seat and stayed there as if she had meant to be there. She stiffly crossed her legs and stared out at the track. She had chosen a horse completely at random, having never been to one of these events before. She was mostly fascinated by the versatility of this animal and the amounts of jobs humans had found to give it. She had picked a buckskin horse, dun colored with black socks and a stripe down its spine, mostly because it was pretty.

Having settled into her seat, and sure that no one was staring at her anymore for being a spectacle, she looked around. Mephorae's eye caught on a woman that she swore she'd met before. She couldn't pinpoint where or when, but she also couldn't stop staring until she'd figured it out.
Cassidy-Lynn (played anonymously)

She kept her head down as she moved down the steps, her soft boots making hardly a sound as she moved. She wasn't sure why she was here. She just was.

As she walked her auburn hair kept falling into her face. With her right hand she reached up and pushed a few locks behind her ear. If only it was long enough to tie back but she had cut it before she left today. Finally she made it to the front row, the one that was closet to where the horses started running. She liked watching them. It relaxed her to watch someone or something else in motion.

Finding a seat off by itself she sat down, shifting slightly to get her being more comfortable in the seat. Once she got situated she rased her head and placed her green eyes on the horses before her. They were beautiful. Every single one of them. They reminded her of the ones that her adopted father had at his farm. Oh how she missed them.

Letting her gaze roam from the beautiful beasts she watched the crowd, careful to not let anyone catch her gaze upon them. There was on that she had never seen before. A girl was not far from her. She wasn't sure what she was but she did notice how she had her gaze on someone else.
Mephorae (played by f0x1nth3b0x)

Her gaze was broken by the rush of the animals leaving the gate. She had not been paying attention and wondered briefly how long she had been staring at the strange woman, who... When she looked back she was gone. The teifling's head snapped back and forth to see if she could catch a glimpse of her moving way, but no such luck. Her mood dropped as she was sure she knew this woman and had known her amicably and would therefore not mind saying hello... But alas, she was gone and Mephorae was left to watch the horse round the bend.

Her horse was lost somewhere in the pack, it was hard to distinguish them all when more than a few had similar markings. However, the announcer's constant chattering about who was where kept her up to date. She had forgotten her horse's name however and the magic of the beast's running made her not care.
Cassidy-Lynn (played anonymously)

She wondered briefly about the other girl before looking down at her feet. Her stomach grumbled softly and she frowned, wishing that she had gotten something to eat before she came to watch the races. Oh well. She would have find food later.

Suddenly a noise caused her to lift her head. The cause of the noise was the fact that the horses were now running. A small smile touched her lips as she watched the way the creatures ran so gracefully. They were so beautiful that she couldn't understand why anyone would not like the animal.

A dark brown mare an past where she was sitting and she started for a bit, the horse reminding her of one that she had as a child. Her eyes grew misty at the thought and she quickly blinked them away. She had come here to watch the horse, not to relive old memories.
Mephorae (played by f0x1nth3b0x)

The race was coming to an end and her dun horse had finally pulled away from the pack. He looked to be making his way to the front when a bay blocked his advance. The teifling was excited, right up until the block. She could get addicted to this kind of event! It was exhilarating! She took her eyes off the struggle for the front of the herd to read her horse's name on the ticket she had crumpled in her fist.
"Olympic Zest..." She read the words carefully. "That's a weird name but.. GO OLYMPIC ZEST!" She called out in encouragement. She then realized no one else was screaming and lowered her fists back into her lap. She silently continued cheering the beast until they crossed the finish line. Her horse had come in first! She was so excited she just stood straight up and gave a loud Whoop!

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