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This RP is set in modern day 'New York'. I say this with quotations, because it is not like our New York. Much like Spiderman (Into the spiderverse), it's very different from our New York, with none of the same people; as is the rest of the world. The layout is different, and so is everything else. The only this that is the same is the name, and where it is.
You can RP as a hero, villain, neutral, or anything along those lines.
Foreign creatures (such as elves, dragons, platypuses) are totally allowed, but are probably very rare.

No major swearing!
Very minor ones are allowed. If you want to write one of bad bad ones, replace it with *dolphin noises* or something like that.
No over the top romance. Again, minor stuff is allowed. This rule I will keep a VERY close eye on.
Please be nice outside of the RP. No fighting with the creators.
No gary/mary-sue characters; unless you are a certain lit nerd.
Not too many powers. 3-4 at the most (unless you are my close friends) (then go then crazy) (lol) (I'll stick keep an eye on you two tho. I don't want a certain red eyed crazy chaild developing all sorts of new powers)
Have fun! Relax! Don't stress!
Use le good grammar and spelling and STUFFS.
If this website has bios and stuff, include the phrase 'Picklepine'

'Aight bye
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Rocki and Tawny, you don't need to post you characters

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