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Kim Site Admin

If you are a creator of a custom GROUP template that is not working correctly after the update, this is the place to ask for assistance in fixing it up.

Please link to the group and describe the exact issues you're having with it.

Do you have "do not load the default CSS" checked?
Then to support the new columns and rows feature, you will need to add this somewhere near the top of your CSS: to enable columns as well :)

If you DO NOT have "do not load the default CSS" checked, then you don't need to do anything. Columns and rows should just work.

Looking to get the new mobile menus working in your custom template?

You'll probably want to tweak colors in the following (this uses RPR brand colors) but it should enable a bunch of functionality for you.
/* *********** Mobile Menus ************* */ @media screen and (max-width: 900px) { .mobilesupportenabled #top-toolbar a, .mobilesupportenabled #toolbar ul.toolbar-dropdown a, .mobilesupportenabled #navbar ul.nestedPages a, .mobilesupportenabled #pagetabs a, #toolbar {color: #000000;text-decoration: none; background: #ffffff; } .mobilesupportenabled #navbar, .mobilesupportenabled #toolbar > ul {border: 1px solid #000000; border-top: 0;} .mobilesupportenabled ul.toolbar-dropdown, .mobilesupportenabled #navbar ul.nestedPages {background-color: #ffffff; border: 0px;} .mobilesupportenabled #top-toolbar ul.toolbar-dropdown .dropdown-hover, .mobilesupportenabled #navbar ul.nestedPages .dropdown-hover, .mobilesupportenabled #navbar a:hover, .mobilesupportenabled #navbar a:focus, .mobilesupportenabled #top-toolbar a:hover, .mobilesupportenabled#toolbar a:focus, .mobilesupportenabled #top-toolbar ul.toolbar-dropdown a:hover, .mobilesupportenabled #toolbar ul.toolbar-dropdown a:focus, .mobilesupportenabled #top-toolbar ul.toolbar-dropdown .dropdown-hover a, .mobilesupportenabled #navbar ul.nestedPages .dropdown-hover a {color: #000000; background: #5a7875;} .mobilesupportenabled span.mobiledropdowntoggle {background: #5a7875; color: #000000;} .mobilesupportenabled .dropdown-hover span.mobiledropdowntoggle, .mobilesupportenabled a:hover span.mobiledropdowntoggle, .mobilesupportenabled a:focus span.mobiledropdowntoggle {background: #000000; color: #5a7875;} }

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