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The Order of the Charitable Knights was founded by Queen Mirdet the kind 5 years ago. The task of the Order was not only to given the Kingdom of Astram an extra hand with military affairs, it also exits to help the citizens with problems they can not solve on their own or need a little bit of brute strenght such as fighting bandits or...even a gryphon. Some say the Order is just a mercenary group under the Queen's orders, even so many love them and are greatful to them, thus the knights take their job with pride.

The Order
At 6 kilometers away from the walls of the Capital City, Erender, stands a great stone castle that was abandoned 300 years ago, the Order restored it making it their Head Quarters. The place counts with rooms for all the knights, dinner room, library, training grounds, stables and more. As it was built over a relly important road the place atracts many visitors. The Order is controled by the Grand Master Abadon the Beast who is said to have slain a gryphon completely alone, thus using the beast on the banner of the Order

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