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The new system treats all of my topics as OOC and when I tried to change my IC topics to IC, it treated all of the messages in the topic as OOC and I couldn't figure out a way to get change the IC messages to being IC. So how do I filter the individual messages as being IC or OOC in an IC topic?

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Sanne Moderator

Which topics in which place are you having a hard time with?

Edit: Re-reading your topic I'm assuming it's PM threads, and not public forum threads, right? :) The way it works now is this:

For private messages, everything that was previously posted in a thread gets turned into an OOC message when converting the PM thread to an IC Conversation. Kim did this because based on her research, a vast majority of PM threads start out OOC, and are then changed into IC threads. There was no easy way to retroactively designate previous PMs in the correct format so the compromise was made that once a PM thread has turned IC, only new messages moving forward will be filtered.

Once a PM is marked IC, the site automatically filters between user account posts and character posts. User account posts are always OOC, character posts are only OOC if marked with double parentheses.

((This is an OOC post made by a character profile))

Moving forward, new posts will be properly filtered based on these conditions. I hope that explains it!
Thanks for the explanation Sanne!
Sanne Moderator

So two days after I responded to you here, Kim added a new feature for PMs! ;)

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