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Alright, so irl I'm planning on doing a dnd-esk style homestuck sgrub session for some of my friends. It's something we've done a couple times before, and doing the same formula over and over can get kinda 'samey' I'd like to introduce a few twists to the session this time around to keep the players on their toes.
I have a couple small twists in mind replacing the caraprician royalty with cherubs. The white and black queens being opposites and the black and white kings being opposites as well. Playing around with that dynamic a bit.
I've also been considering putting some trolls on prospit and derse as well...trolls never born on alternia and therefore unfamiliar with the chaste system, and therefore a contrast of ideals to what the player character would know. I wouldn't replace every caraprician with this, but a small handful here and there.
Part of what I was considering with that though is having higher bloods spawn on derse and lower on prospit (or reversing that, could be fun) there'd still be a bit of hostility. That one's not set in stone yet though.

I guess I'm looking for suggestions on other fun twists I could implement, or thoughts on the current one's I'm considering and how they could be refined. Suggestions are very welcome.

The players are all planning on being trolls if that helps
so far the players are
-A purple blooded Prince of Doom
-A yellow blooded Witch of (???)
-A Rust blooded (???) of (???)
-with possibly one other character joining as well that I don't have info on yet
(Characters with (???) have left their class or aspect up to me to decide so it will be a surprise for them when they enter the session. I'll probs do a session 0 that takes place before entry, to see what sort of personalities they have for the characters and what will fit them best in those slots)

Note: I obviously don't play the sessions as 100% originally intended in the webcomics, because that just wouldn't work well for a dnd-esk game. So non-cannon suggestions are welcome

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