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Commissions are now closed


I am opening up January commissions.
My price board and examples are on display at my deviantart account Journal --->here

My prices *limited time offers*

I do prefer to conduct all business in PMs or Discord (Mipps#9772) as I do not keep track of these threads very easily.


Not able to afford? For limited time I am accepting 'freebie surprises' The details are listed at the bottom of my priceboard. There is no guarantee I will draw your character, no guarantee of style, color and I will take artistic liberties - These slots are for my practice. If your willing to brave the surprises and your character is selected then of course it's free for you to use.
W00t !

One simple portrait + cell shade done for Lumaslily

Charlotte Evergrande


You are on: Forums » Art & Creativity » Mipps Art Commissions (Jan Only)(closed)

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