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Commissions are now closed


I am opening up January commissions.
My price board and examples are on display at my deviantart account Journal --->here

My prices *limited time offers*

I do prefer to conduct all business in PMs or Discord (Mipps#9772) as I do not keep track of these threads very easily.


Not able to afford? For limited time I am accepting 'freebie surprises' The details are listed at the bottom of my priceboard. There is no guarantee I will draw your character, no guarantee of style, color and I will take artistic liberties - These slots are for my practice. If your willing to brave the surprises and your character is selected then of course it's free for you to use.
Mipps Topic Starter

W00t !

One simple portrait + cell shade done for Lumaslily

Charlotte Evergrande


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