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Hi! We're a group of DC RPers seeking semi-lit/lit, active members on our Discord server.

The RP is set in Gotham right around the time when Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. While the story involves Batman, it focuses on the lives of day-to-day people and the backstories of the characters you've grown to love. We have several GCPD officers already, but are seeking OCs and canon characters alike. You don't need to have an extensive knowledge of DC (comics or movies) to join. Just be willing to read and go along with the main story. :)

Our members come from all over the world. All we're missing is you!

For more information and a link to the server, contact PassionateInsanity#3039 on Discord, reply to this thread, or send me a DM on here. We look forward to RPing with you.
First, Wazzz uppppp! Second, I would like to join so can you send me a link. I have a Discord about but never really learn how to use it so I may take me a sec.

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