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Is anyone else noticing that editing page order won't save properly or am I doing something wrong?

I click the checkmark after naming the page, hit the save button, and they end up in a random order EVERY. DARN. TIME. I'm about to table-flip.
That'd be something to send as a bug report (Main menu, Help > Report a Problem). Others are having the same issue, but more sources help Kim fix it better. :)
Ah thank you, I wasn't certain it wasn't user error, I'm not a very techy person and adjusting to new layouts is often difficult for me :P
Even if it was user error, sometimes that shows that a design/layout change might be warranted to make things more clear! (Though it's not a bad idea to check the Help Database first in case it can explain things. If not, then either something's up, or the database might need that info!)

I've reported a few things that just turned out to be me being a dumb butt, and she still encourages me to keep reporting same as anyone else. :) At worst, Kim spends a few minutes reading it, double checking the thing, and confirming it's working right or helping you better understand the thing. Well... I guess really, at worst, you uncover a really complicated bug that actually takes a lot of time and effort to fix, but it's still good to get that taken care of!

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