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Hello and welcome!

I have been RPing for a long time now and have slowly become more advanced as a Multi-Paragraph Rper. I can write about 400+ words or more; depending on muse, plot, and my partner's response. I do prefer both of us writing in the third person. All plots below are 1x1. I prefer being 'submissive' character in most rps but, I am willing for both of us being 'switches'. Occasionally, depending on the plot and my muse, I'll Rp as 'dominant'.

The main genres I like are Modern (non-power, supernatural, assassin, slice of life, etc.), Fantasy Medieval, Romance, Mystery. I love putting together plots with other people. I want there to be some storyline we are following. I very much appreciate others input as well, so don't feel afraid to suggest something (though I am not into horror and major gore in rps)

Please PM or comment below, to discuss RPing. The RPs I really am interested n doing will have the '~~~' next to the title.

Important- Possible triggers ahead. Mentions of suicidal behavior.

Genre's I am open to doing
Family (When I say "Family", I mean a setting where either both or one of our characters has a child/ren and they meet and eventually become one family. Or where our characters are already married and adopting/having, etc.)
Fantasy (levels: High magic (final fantasy or Jrpgs in general), Middle magic (skyrim, the witcher, etc) Low magic (things like Conan).) {I prefer Middle.}
Romance (I usually have some romance in all my rps)
Slice of life
Role's I like (The ones off the top of my head anyway)
God/God or Goddess
God or Goddess/Mortal
Reincarnated lovers
Royalty/Servant (Prefer to be a servant)
Reclusive Author/Editor (I'd rp the author)
Doctor/Patient (I'm happy with either) (I have an itching to RP either an ill doctor or a Dissociative Identity Disorder patient)
Criminal/Detective (I’d rp the criminal)
Twins (Male)/Your character
Genre's I am not doing

{Here are two examples of my writing. If you are interested in the scene I can PM you what the plot was about and we can discuss doing it if you'd like.}

Modern RP example- {{This is part of a scene from the 'Chasing You' plot}}
It was interesting to the former serial killer how slowly time ticked on by. Seasons came and went; leaves upon great large trees and smaller ones slowly grew old, frail, and then fell from the tree, dead. But when one really took a step back and watched the trees, the leaves that grew only to fall off in time... They would be faced with the fact that time didn't go by slowly. No, it went and went, never stopping for anyone. Sad thing was, most of the people who realize this fact are the elderly, the ones who let their time fly by in a useless manner. However, Sephtis was not one of those people. He'd found out how time truly worked when he was very young and so, he didn't waste it. Though, becoming a killer certainly seemed wasteful it wasn't, not to him.

Letting go an inaudible sigh, he sat back in his chair so that the front legs lifted off the ground a bit. Sephtis hated just sitting around, it was not a productive use of his time. 'You sat quite often ten years ago.' A nagging voice pointed out, causing a sly smile to touch the male's face. Well, he couldn't deny the truth in that. No, he really truly couldn't.

A soft thud echoed around the room as he leaned forward, letting the legs of the chair to hit the floor once more. Pressing his lips together, Chase glanced at the clock in the room, lips moving silently as he counted the ticks as the clock hands moved along. The longer he stayed here the less the man felt he should be here, the recent murders would be taken care of... eventually. They may even realize it wasn't huis kills, depending on whether his former detective friend was brought in on the case. No, they wouldn't. it was unlikely that they'd bring in the detective because of his bias and the fact that the government was foolish. Because of that Spehtis had to speak to the other man, he couldn't risk being actively hunted at this time.

Absently, he reached forward and lifted his teacup. Dark chocolate eyes gaze blankly into the cooling lemon-lavender tea, tilting his head slightly to the side, he blew into the steam and watching as the liquid rippled. Then the ringing of the store's bell reached his ears and he raised his head. Ah, Meyer. Setting his cup down, he frowned momentarily as a cold chill and voice suddenly raced through his body.

'Another life to ruin. Another person to disappoint... You know you will, Sephtis.' The voice sneered.

Shoving that concern to the side, he was silent and emotionless as __YC___ walked to the table where he sat. For a few moments, the killer watched as the detective stood there, seeming unsure of himself or this situation. Then in a blink of an eye, he was sitting and speaking.

Chase couldn't help the dry snort and soft chuckle that escaped him when the detective spoke about his hair. Yes, that was very important. "Oh, I know that there is a lot to answer for, Detective," he began in a quiet drawl, lips a smirk, "It... Is nice to see you again, __YC__. How've you been?" As Thanatos spoke the other man's name, his voice was tinged with warmth and smirk faded away.


Medieval Fantasy Rp example {{This is the starter for the Dragon-Realm plot's}}

Eons. Eons since that day when a child stumbled into a dark ruined temple, vines and water covered the cold stones of the temple floor. Cracked walls and water pouring like a faucet through the holes in the unstable ceiling of the long-abandoned home of a God, at least that is what the humans saw them as. The spots along the still-standing walls were cracked and barren, long since been violated as desperate Mortals came through and stole the priceless gems that had been offered to this particular God. The whole building was ready to collapse at any given time and anyone in their right mind would not dare enter.

But the child; more skin and bones than anything else, was determined if nothing else. Stumbling along, gasping and whimpering in overwhelming pain the blue dull-eyed child finally to his knees in front of a destroyed altar. Barely anything was left and yet, something about it spoke volumes. Breathing heavily, thin shaking hands raised and the tiny fists opened over the rusted bowl. A single silver coin and a few grapes fell into the bowl and then the boy crumbled, shaking as his eyes closed tight in pain.
“P-Please… h-hel-help,” the child gasped out, shards of pain stabbing at him mercilessly. So focused on the pain coursing through his tiny frame, he didn’t notice the cloaked figure stepping out of the shadows and moving quietly towards him. But, he did feel a warm hand suddenly brushed against his cheek and his eyes snapped open. What knelt f=before him was a masked person, crying out in surprise and fear the boy jerked back.

Silently the figure reached up and pulled the mask from their face, through the cracks in the rooftop rays of the full moon peeked through and fell on the figure. An immortal. The child’s eyes went wide as he gazed at what could only be a God. From the snow-white hair that fell flawlessly down their shoulders, to their mesmerizing mix colored gaze. Then, just to add to their amazement the being smiled.

The boy gasped and reached up, fingers touching his now wet cheeks. Tears freely fell from his eyes, but they weren’t from pain. Then the child stayed completely still as the being once again reached forward and almost lovingly brushed the ragged strand of dark hair from his face, slipping it behind his ear.

“You poor child… You and your people deserve better than this,” the being, spoke with a musical and gentle voice. Leaning forward, the being- Male? Female? Whatever they were, pressed their warm lips against his forehead and suddenly warm raced through his limbs, any pain he had been feeling vanished in an instant. Then the being pulled away and stood gracefully, still smiling. “You will be the first of many, little one. The first to receive a Dragons’ Gift,” he announced, voice crystal clear. Then he reached into his cloak and revealed an ornate book that was simply titled ‘Magyk’.

Topaz eyes fluttered open and the flecks of red dimly glowed with power, eyes staring up at the ceiling the laying figure reached up and brushed their fingertips against the cool metal upon their face. With a soft yawn, the being- which was the one from so long ago, sat up and then pushed the silk sheets. Wordlessly, they swung their legs over the side of the bed and stood, padding over to a full-body mirror and gazing at their still half-asleep reflection. Standing there dressed in soft silks was the being from that time so long ago, and said being was actually a Male Dragon-born. Though the history books tended to switch from saying Male to Female quite a bit. It really didn’t bother him though, credit was not what he wished for.

“Peace. Equality among the Mortal races… If only it lasted longer than it has,” the male murmured, voice weaved with exhaustion. Shaking his head, he turned and moved to his vanity, taking a long strip of cloth he absently braided his hair, normally it was more complex but today he wasn’t feeling patient enough to wait for his sister. So, once his hair was pulled back and he swiftly changed, he headed straight for his study.

“Zoderus!” a voice’s voice reached his ears and he paused, turning to face the white-haired woman.
A smile touched his lips, “Ah, Sirro. Good morning-”[/b] he was cut off as a scroll was shoved in his face.
A frown was on the female’s face, “Another request from the Human’s for help. Apparently the others are really stirring the pot. More than usual.”
“Reading my letters again I see,” Zoderus mused with a snort. But, then he turned his attention to the rolled-up scroll and undid it, eyes dancing across the neatly yet urgent words. “Have you noticed they only write to me for help?” the dragon whispered, more to himself than his sister. Before she could comment because she had heard, he spoke up more clearly.

“I’ve made my decision. Send a messenger to Sapphire Reach. I will allow an audience with only one of their envoys,” Zoderus, King of the Dragon’s announced.

The newest plot/s-
Plot #1. 'Long-Awaited Reunion'
From childhood friends to being a famous duo, your character as a healer and mine as a warrior. They two knew each other so well they barely even needed to speak aloud when on the battlefield or in a healers tent to know what the other wanted and or needed. Many believed the two to be lovers and so many were jealous; still many women and men each vied for either of the men’s attention. Much to their chagrin the two never even glanced their way, content to keep their focus on each other rather than those around them.

What no one except the very closest to the two men knew; was that the feelings were definitely there and while they even confessed at one point, the two had decided to wait until the war was over before pursuing anything. Sadly, that chance never came.

The war had been bad from the start, the whole reasoning for it was foolish. But, being that each of our guy’s were the top in their chosen profession they went with it, having little choice in the matter. Least not when their king demands it. Finally, the war was tilted in their favor. It all started with my guy being spoken to alone by the King and his advisers, after which he became hard and distant. Mercilessly cutting down anyone who stood in his way. The king and others in the army cheered and encouraged this behavior (they were winning because of it) but, your guy did not. This was not the one he’d fallen for and nothing he said could change my guy’s mind.

By the time the war was won the two men were unable to see eye to eye, straining their relationship…


#1. We can continue from where the plot leaves off. In which the setting is medieval fantasy (my guy is a dragonborn man, you may choose whatever you want your guy to be), and they are trying to repair their broken relationship. While uncovering secrets, which include the real reason for the war, why my guy’s personality suddenly shifted, etc.

#2. Soon after, my guy was assassinated. That lifetime faded away and so far six other lives have come and gone for the two men, with neither of them ever appearing in the same timeline. But finally, after those long lifetimes the two have been born under the same moon and with their memories intact. It seems Fate has decided that they do belong together after all, but now they needed to resolve what exactly happened all those lifetimes ago.
{The settings each have been through have been medieval for two years, medieval fantasy for two, and now modern for two plus this lifetime where they are finally going to be reunited. Here we’ll rp them as adults.]


Plot #2. 'Chasing you' ~~~
My guy is the current number one Criminal, a serial murderer who’s escaped time and time again. Your guy has been on his tail since the very beginning that the case opened. For years you guy has chased mine but, then one day the trail vanished. For the next five years, not a peep was made by my guy. Many thought he died or was in jail on a petty crime… But your guy refused to believe such a thing and is still looking for the criminal.

Now, ten years to the date that my guy vanished another murder all signs pointing to my guy has appeared. A letter was sent to your guy to meet at a Cafe. Where the two men’s correspondence started all those years ago... (This is pretty straight forward and small but I left that open on purpose to have room for my partner to add what else they think should be added if they want.)


Is it too late? (Cross-dressing)
Your guy is the King's personal bodyguard and childhood friend. He is the one that came up with the idea of calling the King his ‘Queen’ after the prince tried on a dress in private. Not knowing that his best friend had been watching. The two have feelings for each other but the council does not approve of him and insists on the 'Queen' marrying another ruler. Can your guy convince the King to ignore the council's will?

Friendship's that last a Lifetime
As a child, your character was very lonely. He was a prince with no siblings and no true friends. Then one day while exploring the nearby forest he stumbled across a boy, a Neko. He was fascinated because Neko's were thought to have died off centuries ago. The Neko- Arthur, was severely injured and distrustful at first but, as time went by the two become the best of friends. Day after day the prince would go to the forest and play with his friend, coming back to the palace, later on, talking nonstop about Arthur. Of course, the adults and others played along believing the Neko to be a figment of the young prince's imagination. Finally having enough of being told he was making the boy up, he brought his family and others to meet him. However, it was discovered that only the prince could see the Neko.

Devastated and harassed even more for 'lying', the boy yelled at Art to leave and never come back. So, it did. Now many years later, the prince was ambushed on a routine patrol and wakes to find himself face to face with the Neko from so many years before.

The troubles of an Immortal ~~~
Millenniums have passed for my character. He lives on and on, loneliness never fading. A forgotten God. The power of Life and Death at his fingertips, yet somehow he’s been long forgotten by anyone. True, creatures- Elves, Fairy, Giants, Goblins, Demons and Angels, prayed to their own God’s to help them but him? No. Taosjun was not a name that fell from anyone’s lips any longer and so he was alone…

#1. That is, until the day his Soulmate was born and Taosjun side of the connection activated. The God had felt it and awoke as his soulmate finally was born, the person he was fated to one day be with; the one who would stand by his side forever and a day. Or at least that had been his hope, a hope that shattered when his mate was finally sixteen and their side of the connection finally activated- revealing that they were human, a mortal. A mortal who would one day die and leave God alone once more. Disillusioned, Taosjun closed his side of the bond. But now the Human is in his early twenties and managed to find their way through a portal to their mate’s realm. What will happen when they inevitably meet?

#2. The Kingdom of Tretis is dying; the plants, animals, and people. Everyone believes it to be because of a curse placed upon them. They believe it to be because of the man who lives secluded within the mountains, no one knows who he is but they know he had lived far longer than any man. Believing that the God’s cursed them because of him, they send your character to kill the man. Unbeknownst to your character and the rest of the world, this ‘cursed man’ is actually the ancient God of Life and Death. What will happen when your character confront this man and finds out the truth?

#3. Your character is a God as well, but one who hasn’t been forgotten and who like the Mortals forgot about my character’s existence. But now the other God’s and Goddesses are arguing, a war was brewing among the deities. Sides are being chosen and the Mortals below will die in this foolish war. Your character doesn’t want this though and hears about a ‘dead’ God from one of their Mortal followers, and knowing the God’s don’t die but can fade, decides to go find this once powerful being and see if they can help stop this bloodbath before it even begins.

Dragon realm plots (I'll Rp the Dragon King (who has a dragon form and a human form)

World's Apart
The humans were originally magicless. They were oppressed by the other races because of their inability to really compete and stand up for themselves without magic. Eventually, they came to the dragons- who were akin to gods in terms of status at the time, and begged for power of some kind. They were gifted spells, allowing them to be on semi-equal terms with the werewolves, demons, vampires, angels, and other races.

As time went on, the races began to specialize more and more. The freedom of magic became limited due to their desire for classification. Light and Dark magic were the only specializations. Even humans, who had the capacity to do so much more, succumbed to those ideals, having mages who were either Light or Dark. The dragons, seeing as how they wouldn't submit to the new standards for magic, were soon enough shunned. The Dragon King then showed up and designed a new realm for his people, effectively abandoning both the humans who had once worshipped them and the other races they'd once been allied with.

With the dragons now gone, there was room for a new race to claim the title of the most powerful. It started out as a cold war and grew into something more. Now, they're all finally making declarations of war against one another. The humans are caught in the middle, with neither Light nor Dark creatures wishing to ally with them. So, your character (a human) is sent to negotiate with the Dragon King but, unknown to them there is a price to gaining the Dragons' help.

Other Information for the Dragon realm plots
The Dragon realm is strictly Dragon-Only.
~Every dragon person has an element they can control, though mastery of this skill varied. Most beings believe that fire was just that, fire. But, for the Dragonborn people, it is far from being that simple.
~There are four types of dragons; water/healing, earth/growth, air/storm, and of course fire. If you are a water dragon then when you breathe fire it is a deep blue that doesn’t burn but rather freezes- in human form, you can manipulate water and use it to heal wounds. Earth dragons can’t breathe fire but instead, their spirits connect to the earth beneath them and they create various objects for weapons or to grow food and find water sources. Air dragons breathe wind, bending it to cause wind storms or bring blizzard/rain storms to their aid. Lastly, you have the fire element. This original element that all beings know of, it is surprisingly the rarest and the most dangerous of them all. Unlike the other elements, fire causes nothing but destruction as it is the hardest to fully control. There are only three known dragons with this ability, one of which is the Dragon King himself.

What makes it special is that there are several separate floating masses of land. Four different floating islands specifically tied to each dragon type; below those is a land with endless mountains and forests. For the most part, everything seems normal, much like the mix-raced realm. But what makes it stand out with its trees and plants. The trees have silver bark, snow-white leaves, and bare golden fruit. While the flowers when at full bloom seem to glow with magic. There are also caves with rare to common gems. Most dragons nest on the lower land, while the floating islands are where they go to strengthen/restore their magic and where a guardian (the most powerful of their dragon-type) who watches over the rest of the dragons live. Also on the lower land is where the Dragon-king's castle is, with the islands floating above it in a circle.

Jealous Love
Our characters grew up together, royalty (Me) and personal bodyguard (You). Though the bodyguard position was not given until both our characters were in their early teens. They did everything together in fact. They were absolutely the best of friends. As the two grew soon enough rumors spread far and wide about their impending engagement, as it had to happen being that they were so close their ranks matter not. Behind the scenes the two were very much in love but, rank was an issue. The King refused the marriage between them, unless that is, the bodyguard proved himself. How? The King declared he would go to war and either win and come back to marry his heir, or fail and never return. Though the prince/princess insisted that the guard ignore the challenge- as it was more likely he would fail against the powerful enemy, the guard decided to take this challenge and win. Several months later, a message was sent back and the former bodyguard declared dead.

Now many years later, low and behold the guard of the prince/princess- who is now the Ruler of the Kingdom, has returned to find their former lover married. But that doesn't deter them. No, they came back to take back what was theirs and no one will stop them.


Death and Love ~~~
Our characters are top assassins, they are feared by everyone and they deeply respect each other. For many years now they've danced around each other, their feelings expressed through their taunting of each other. However, not once have they actually admitted or acted on their feelings. But now a common enemy has attacked both of them multiple times; during one of these attacks, my guy vanished. Now a year later your guy has tracked down mine. Upon finding my guy, yours finds out that my guy now lives life as a Highschool teacher. Why? How will he react to the answers he receives?

Secrets ~~~
The Crimson Council. The largest and by far the most dangerous Assassination organization in the world. It was founded by the top four assassins who have ever lived; Anthony Hunter, the Price Twins, and last but not least The Corrupter (my character). Each in their own right excels in their own unique... skills, and once they were each other's enemy as well. But then they were in their early teen years they decided to form their own group. No one knows the exact reasons for the top assassins deciding to be allies but, either way, they were unstoppable together.

In just one year they took on every head of the other assassin groups and defeated them with ease. At the time, Hunter was thirteen, Price twins were fourteen, and the Corrupter was sixteen. The best of the best flocked to them to join but very few were allowed; as each one had to prove they were worthy to join each of the top four Reapers. Fast forward another year and the Corrupter took on an apprentice (your character who was fourteen; my character and your character are three years apart in age). Death's Hand was known for his tendency to work alone, only working with the other three Founders on a handful of assignments. So taking on an apprentice and one so young was mind-boggling. Ten years to that day have passed with your character being trained by mine.

Suddenly, the top Four Reapers announced that they had a year-long assignment to go on, top secret. So, the Bringer of Death placed his now-former apprentice as the Leader. A year passed and not a word from him or the other three assassins… Now, six years to the day they left suddenly Death’s Hand has finally returned.

Where are the other assassins who left with him? What exactly was the assignment? Why did it take six years? Will your character’s unspoken feelings for mine finally be revealed now?

Your character doesn't know my character's actual name. Just as one of his alias. Your character is a Reaper. He became Reaper #10 a year before my character and the other founders left. The following year the four left, naming your character as temporary leader.

Other Information for both assassin plot's
Crimson Council levels (in all there are eight floors)
Level’s four through six is higher ranked assassins only; though not Reaper-only . The seventh and eighth floor are Reaper only.
Level one is the lobby, level two is various training rooms/gyms, level three is conference rooms.
Reaper Information-
The Crimson Council has many assassins employed, but the top ten are called Reapers. With Anthony, Price twins, and Death’s Hand (my character) being the Founders and the top Four.
Other characters (I'll RP them)-
Anthony Hunter. A plain name for the man known for his gruesome killings. Hunter is a taller man, with a body that's almost skeletal. Many have mistakenly thought him ill and expressed their concerns. However, he is one of the healthiest assassins, despite his looks. Scraggly deep red hair and almost dead looking moss green eyes. His special killing method is using animals, animals he’s trained to killing and feast upon his targets; leaving only their heart and brain behind. Codename: Carnage.

The Price twins. A brother and sister duo. The assassins are similar in looks, as much as brains. Golden blonde hair, snow-white skin, and always smiling sky-blue eyes. Evangeline's hair was all the way down to the lower part of her back, normally let loose and weaved with blues beads. While Edward has his hair to just above his shoulders, with a messy look that could only be described as ‘morning after sex’. They are only known to not be connected at the hip when they are on missions; where Evangeline stays somewhere hidden to act as hacker and information gatherer. While Edward is the actor and muscle between the two. Codename: Mirror Twins.

Flower's and their Secrets (Cross-dressing) ~~~
Your guy is a Delivery Man who picks up flowers from various shops and takes them to be sold in bigger stores. But there is one store in particular that has gotten your attention. It is run by a young man around your guy's same age and they are very soft-spoken but very knowledgeable on plants of all kinds, though flowers are an obvious favorite. They have been wanting to ask them out for a few weeks, but then the other week they went in to finally ask them out, they weren't there someone else was. They were told that my guy was out of town for a while, no idea how long. Now about a month later he is back but something is troubling him. There are bruises on his skin and he isn't as smiley as usual. Will he find out what happened? What about asking him on a date?

Understanding each other (Possible Cross-dressing)
Our characters have been acquaintances- they are on the student council (your guy {Character A} is the president and mine vice president {Character B}) but haven't spoken outside of it, since the beginning of High-school. Now, they are in their final year together and Character B came across Character A sitting precariously sitting on the edge of the school rooftop after hours. A's intentions were blatant and being found was far from what they'd planned on happening. Without a beat of hesitation, B comments that death wouldn't solve whatever problems A has going on, then with an almost bored expression B moves to A and pulls them from the edge; into a hug.

'I'll miss you if you die. So don't.' Those simple blunt words were whispered A's ear and then B released yours, leaving without a glance back.

That was during the second week at the final year of school and neither of our characters has spoken about that incident, both far too busy with school. But, now it is the third month in and things have been cooling off so now A is trying to find B to confront him on that matter all those months ago- the only problem is, B had started dodging A starting two weeks before and now hasn't come to school for the last few days. With B's home address in hand, he decides to speak to him there.

Details: Freeform, paragraphs required, long-term RP partner preferred.

Hi there, I’m new to this site. I’ve been roleplaying for a little over 9 years off an on and I would be super interested in doing something with you if you’re still available, or willing to with a new face.
Hello! If you are still interested in finding a roleplay partner, I am very much interested in any of the "Fantasy" plots, particularly the Dragon Realm one. If you want an example of my roleplay style, I will quickly write a short example. Regardless, have a lovely day or night!
Holt (played anonymously)

Hi! I just made this character and would be interested in using him for a doctor/patient RP if you're interested. He does have Dissociative Identity Disorder/Multiple Personality Disorder.

@the-green-witch: I'd love to RP with you. I'll PM you to discuss plots.

@SnackingShoelaces: Hi! I'd love to do that one with you. I'll PM you to talk about it.

@Holt: I'll PM you to plot.


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