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Forums » Help » Forums appearing blank?

Got on the main forum page this afternoon and I saw these blank spots

Thought it strange. Should I do a bug report?

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Kim Site Admin

Since the last topic in that forum is one you don't want to see, either because the latest poster or the topic OP is someone you have blocked - and you have your block settings set to hide people you've blocked from you in public - it doesn't display. Same with on a single forum, it just skips ones you don't want to see, but since there's more around it you're less likely to notice it's one or two topics short :)

You may ask: Why not just skip to the next topic then, so there's no blank space?

The answer is that the "latest topic" in each forum is heavily cached to make the forums load faster. Allowing random people to bypass that cache because of blocks would slow things down for everyone, so this is the compromise. :)

Hope that makes sense!
Ah, yeah, it make sense. Thanks. :)

You are on: Forums » Help » Forums appearing blank?

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