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I have a goal of saving $500 by April/May so I am opening commissions for a couple of pretty basic things I feel people would be interested in.

3 card tarot readings (each card presents, past, present and future) for $9

(example of the photo you'll get along side your reading)


sketch bust commissions for $9.

(two examples of sketches, one, two. If you'd like the hair to be done in fewer lines that is possible.)

I can only do humans/humanoids.

The sketch will be on an off-white or grey background depending on the color you chose for the sketch to be in. You will get one update where you can ask me to tweak small things.

Paypal will be taken via paypal or ko-fi. Payment must be sent before you receive either service.

If you are interested in the tarot reading PM me with a question or specific topic of guidance you'd like me to focus on for the reading.

If you are interested in the sketch PM me using this template:

Character Name and page link:

Character face/hair references: (can be other art and real people.)

A photo of the bust pose you want them drawn in:
(must be a real person does not have to look like them.)

Goal: 0/$500
Still doing this!
This looks cool! I would share it on Tumblr but I only have like 20 followers. :P

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