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Masato Kushigawa (played by ThePotato)

The day of the “family” dinner arrived and to Masato´s greatest displeasure, it was on a day where he didn´t have classes nor work. Meaning: it couldn´t get worse. Free days were the ones he craved for, he would be able to do whatever he want then. But that pleasure wasn´t given to him this day, the opposite. It was taken away without him even having a say in it. His face was anything but happy, people would even get out of his way. His mother had asked him to dress up since they were going to a fancy place. However, because he was in a bad mood, he didn´t even bother doing that. He just went with his everyday wear which was stylish in the first place. Perhaps not suited for a café like that, but he felt better in those kind of clothes. Hell, he felt like a monkey whenever he had to wear a suit.

Messy light brown hair, chocolate coloured eyes and a lightly tanned skin was his signature. His outfit of the day consisted of: a white shirt with a V-line, a checkered shirt to go along with it, ripped black jeans and black/white sneakers to finish it off. Of course, the line of piercings in his ear couldn´t be forgotten to complete the look, together with a dog tag necklace.

After a short trip with the bicycle to the café, he parked it somewhere and locked it up as he didn´t want it to be stolen. Rubbing the bridge of his nose before taking a deep breath for what was about to come. Looking at his watch only to see that he was already late. Nice. The nagging of his mother was now a certainty once dinner was over. Muttering some vague words under his breath as to mentally prepare himself for incoming boredom. Pushing the glass doors open, only to be met with waiters in suit out of all things. Damn, she really overdid it this time. Where did she even get the money to even afford this place…

Being guided to the right table and he stopped dead in his tracks when he caught view of a displeasing figure. “Oh, hell no.” He blurted out the moment he caught sight of the male who was about the same age of him. Not that that was the bad part, it was the actual person! The one who pissed him off by just breathing near him. Wait, wait, wait. So this meant… He was the son of his stepfather-to-be. He felt his face becoming pale as he realised the fact. His mother smacking him on the head and pulling him to his seat with a death glare as his outburst made the people look at him in shock.

Being forcefully pushed down in his seat, he knew he wasn´t going to be able to escape this one. Sitting right in front of his nemesis wasn´t bad enough, they were also about to live together. TOGETHER. What was this guy called again? Tyler, right? Feeling the shivers run up his spine from merely saying that name in his head. But, the problem was… He couldn´t just break them up as his mother was finally happy again after having lost dad in that tragic car accident. He didn´t want her to return into someone who couldn´t fill up that empty space. He sighed deeply as he let his head drop backwards. His mother was busy with apologizing for Masato´s behaviour in the meantime.

The waiter came with the food they ordered, his mother having already ordered in Masato´s place which wasn´t too difficult as he liked almost anything. It seemed like she went for the salmon for them both. It smelled pretty good, making him a little less… tense. Glancing over towards the older male who just smiled in return. “Ah… yeah. Sorry about that, I didn´t expect for…” He forced himself to practically say the name. “Tyler to be here. I was taken aback.” Masato apologized in a way, feeling his insides twisting around already.

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