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Polis (played by North-Wood)

Looking to try another rp with this guy. Warning: possible language!

plot: being half shadow (dark/whatever terminology) elf and half wind elf has led for Polis to be abused by his father, the king of the wind elves. He had been under the abuse since he was born, mother having been killed. When his 'father' had enough of using him as a punching bag, a pet, and a lab rat for magic eperiments, Polis was tossed to earth (or the 'world below' as the wind elves call it) The small, frail, broken elf was left to die. However, Polis did not die; rather he barely managed to stay alive, for now. Little does he know, the elf holds a power in him, the powers of the elves of darkness. Perhaps he is meant to find the lost tribes of the shadow/dark elves?

(Or perhaps you can show him how to trust and be himself?)

Wind elves are high and mighty. Anyone not "pure" were made into slaves and abused to death, unless they were favored pets. Every slave would have a mark branded into them. This mark will be found on Polis' right shoulder.

Possible character types I'm looking for: an elvish king, dwarves, shadow/dark elves. Open to nearly anyone. Just want a change from the typical humans, if possible. Want someone whom will use magic and "drugs" to help him and calm him down.

I am looking to develop Polis a bit more, work on his personality and such.
Magic 80%

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