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Welcome to the Mythnomicon

Wish you had a collection of just supernatural/paranormal roleplays? Are all your werewolves and vampires feeling a little out of place? Kind of wish you had a bit of a home for them and their roleplays? Look no more! The Mythonomicon is a place for all roleplays supernatural! There is no set setting or rules as this is a collection of a roleplays rather than a group roleplay. Here you'll be able to find roleplays that fit in some way into the 'supernatural' that meet your interests!

The forums are separated between Family Friendly and 16+ and hopefully we'll be able to keep it like that! Join us as we build our group and see how it evolves to meet our patron's needs. Currently, we are looking for new moderators! I'll be putting up applications in the upcoming weeks and until then I'm hoping to get some members in the group. We host art forums with a creator-first mindset which means we keep strict art credit rules to ensure the prevention of theft. I hope to create a tight-knit community in a little niche on an already nice and kind website.

Find the group here! Click!

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