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Deep within the depths of the forests, live many clans of cats. One of these clans are known as ThornClan. Many seasons ago, they had a leader named Goldenstar, who guided the clan to with her extensive wisdom. However, she lacked the proper social skills that would often cause either some miscommunications with the cats she lead. They believed that she often looked down on everyone and couldn't be bothered to have any close relationships with many cats. This is where her friend and Deputy Hawkshadow came in. The large, black cat, at first glance, appeared to be intimidating but was actually a good cat to those she cared about. Hawkshadow cared for her clan and her leader/friend. She would talk to the disgruntled felines and explain what Goldenstar's true intentions were when she spoke. Hawkshadow knew that her friend had the clan's best interest at heart but her way of speaking to others needed work.

Slowly Goldenstar had begun to become more withdrawn than usual. Each day she grew more and more depressed. This often caused the leader to lash out negatively towards the others, even her closest friend. The poor deputy didn't know what to do for not only her friend, but for Thorn Clan as well. Tensions were steadily rising as the days wore on and their leader refused to guide them. One day she over hear a couple of cats sharing tongues, a coup was being planned. Panicked, Hawkshadow had tried to tell the clan leader but Goldenstar had refused to listen.

It was leaf-bare when the attack had happened. Hawkshadow and a few others had tried to fight back but they were outnumbered. Many of the loyal cats had been slain and Goldenstar had been too weak to fight back. Her friend and leader was killed by one of her own warriors that she had trained. When everything was over, Hawkshadow and her friend, Addertail, had been the only two left to survive.
Defeated, the two left their old home. Promising to one day get their revenge for their fallen. As they traveled, they met many loners and rogues along the way. Each one with their own sad or unadventurous tales. Hawkshadow and Addertail welcomed any cat willing to join them in their search for a new home.

Many seasons later, they claimed a small space of territory for themselves and began to make it their home. Hawkshadow became the leader of the small group of cats and went to the Moonstone and was given her nine lives by Star Clan, thus becoming Hawkstar. Shortly afterwards, she appointed faithful and trusted friend, Addertail, as the her deputy.

As the two survivors from a battle from their old clan, will they be able to move forward in their new lives or will old ghosts continue to haunt them?

Come on in and join this exciting and new adventure!!! Will you join the clan and fight alongside Hawkstar and Addertail, or will you start fight against them? Those joining are welcome to have their own clans but we'll only accept 3 different clans. Another option is to be a part of Leafclan's enemies, Thornclan. Before you start creating a clan please be sure to contact me or another moderator.

One rule that I have for anyone applying is literacy. Applications will require at least 2 paragraphs if you wish to be accpeted into the group. Otherwise, I can't wait to start a new story with you all!!! <3

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