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n the year 2134, War rages throughout the universe. Planets are at war with each other, cities are constantly getting Destroyed and Alliance continued to be tested. However there the use of the new weapons. Floating Warships, plasma-based weaponry, and the use of things call 'Projects."

One project rips space and time but uses Whole planets as an energy source. One is a planetary peace system, so it ain't all that usefully . Basically too many of this thing to keep count.

However, there is one project that is deep Underground, on the planet called Erebos. Under Volcanic Ash and rock, lies a project no knows.It could be the turning point of the war or just another project in use.

On the planet Erebos, where Volcanos roared with smoke and ash, It's was anyone idea on how people and creatures manage to live here.

"Alright,the project should be 2 Klicks away from the LZ.Make sure you get there before the Volcano ZeusRoar once again and destroys whatever is left."

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Jessica Everdream had been on her mission and reporting before she engages. "Command this is X-99, requesting permission to engage in 'Project 785' Volcanic region of Erebos investigation." Permission granted, Go get um Shorty. She sighed, "Yes 'Commander' " Just hurry up so I can have a drink. She chuckled and she began her descent into the plant.
dantefrancis Topic Starter

'Hurry shorty."
After commissioning the landing sequence, she was walking around when a crevasse opened up at her feet, causing her to fall. Quickly she pulled out her pistol and shot out a grappling hook. She continued her descend, no longer falling and reached what appeared to be a lab at the bottom.
Yasuo (played by dantefrancis) Topic Starter

The door would open and a red hue would light up the Lab. In the lab, there were many scatter things. However, the one thing that would grab attention was the Mech that was hanging due to electromagnetic reins around the arms. He was grey, with red glowing spikes. His arms were bigger, and three claws that were sharper than the beetles here.On the mechs back was long plates that ran down, even to his tail, and the tail was like a chain with a sharp point at the end.
"What the..." She muttered. She turned on the camera on her helmet and started filming. She walked over to the computer and looked over the controls. She proceeded to walk over to the Mech. It seemed to only be 8 feet, but still... the hairs on the back of her neck rose. Why was it being held down with such powerful Electromagnetic reins? How heavy could it be? She walked over to what appeared to be a control center for the Mech and peered down at the controls.

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