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I was wondering if maybe there could be an option to set a general or custom trigger/content warning on a character or group?

IE, when clicking on a character/group, a trigger warning could show, similar to the violence/sexual/language warnings we have? And perhaps the owner of the page could set a specific message there to indicate specific triggering content?

I know that people can be disturbed or set off from more than just the three things we have warnings for. As an example, I have a character whose page needs to be updated, but her story could be triggering to some people since she was emotionally abused/manipulated for some time. I COULD set the current content warnings, but I think they're too vague/misleading a warning for this type of situation and I just really don't want anyone to go in expecting violence, sexual stuff, or a bunch of swearing and get something else that could very much be an anxiety trigger.

I have a few more characters that I haven't made pages for but want to or plan to now that I'm dipping my toes back into the RPR that DO fit under the PG-13ish site rating but could be potentially triggering to some, and I just really don't want to trigger anyone's anxiety or anything.

Should I just flag my characters as violent/language or could this be an okay idea? Or should I just not make my characters pages?

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I made a character that I wanted to set a more specific warning for so I dedicated a page to a text widget writing out in detail the warnings. I then set the order of pages to to have the warning page be the first page. If anyone chooses to go further into the character profile and read the 2nd page on back they do so at their own risk, and I say that on the warning page text.

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